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My Embarrassing Story

"This story happened in 1990, when I was in my twenties"

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Author's Notes

"Yes, I know. This is just a cheap comical story. There is no moral point or anything like that. I made a bet with someone and I lost it, so I had to publish this embarrassing story as my punishment! Nevertheless, I hope it can bring a smile to your face."

My name is Leila. I'm afraid of earthquakes since childhood. One night I was alone and getting ready for bed. Suddenly I felt an earthquake. I was so terrified that I ran for the door as fast as I could without thinking. I made it to the stairs, and then the earthquake stopped.

It was then that I realized the door had closed behind me, and I was wearing nothing but underwear!

The earthquake wasn't even powerful where I was, its center was far away and the others had hardly felt it. But since I had some kind of phobia since my childhood, I overreacted. I was the only person in the apartment who had ran out.

It took me a few minutes to gather my thoughts. The neighbor was a young man. He lived alone. But the problem was his perverted behavior. He had constantly tried to peek from the windows, so I had to keep the curtains shut all the time.

But now he was my best option. The other residents were couples with children. Some of them were religious and could have called the police if I went to their doors like that (I lived in an Islamic country back then).

So I just went to his door. I rang the bell. As soon as he opened the door his eyes almost quadrupled in size and a sinister smile appeared on his face!

I explained the situation. During my explanation, his eyes looked everywhere except my face.

I asked if he can lend me something to wear. His smile got more sinister. He said he has washed everything and there is absolutely nothing he can give me! That was obviously a lie. I even suggested that a bed sheet or a towel would suffice, but his answer was the same. He had "washed everything"!

I really wanted to yell at him for being a pervert and taking advantage of the situation at that moment, but that could have alerted everyone. Being seen by one pervert was better than being seen by the whole residents and gaining a reputation for being naked in public!

So I gave up and asked him for a toolbox in order to open my door. Luckily he hadn't washed the toolbox!

I thanked him and said I can handle it form there. But he insisted on "helping"; and by "helping", he meant standing there and staring at me with a sinister smile!

Once again, I hardly stopped myself from yelling at him.

I got to work. I only knew the generals about opening a door without a key. I had never done it, especially under such harsh circumstances!

I tried for an hour, but I couldn't do it. Finally, his eyes grew tired of staring at me, and he actually helped me to open the door. It turned out that opening the door was easy and he knew how to do it all the time. He just needed to stare at me for an hour!

The next day I told the story to my girlfriend (I'm a lesbian). She laughed and said that I needed that lesson to learn how to control myself, and I should be thankful that all he did was staring.

Written by Leila
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