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Painting the Living Room

Why I can't paint the living room because I'm out of two-stroke oil.

Lists. We all make them.

Line items of things that need done, have to do's, want lists, tasks, chores, things to buy.

Some people make lists on a scrap paper. I make mental lists. Contained within those lists are sub-lists and sub-sequential lists and line items. Each in a precise order of priority and importance.

Like, if my wife wants me to paint the living room. Simple enough task.

First, I'll have to move all the furniture. Drape everything with paint cloths or plastic.

I will have to remove the wallpaper before painting. I will need the steamer for that job. Where did I see it last? I must find time to go look for it.

The wall will need scrubbed of any glue residue. List it.

Do I have any sponges left? I'll have to go out to the barn and check.

Nail holes will need patching. Do I have any drywall patching from the last time I did this? Is it any good? I may have to go get some, so I add that to the list.

Putty knives, they are in the barn as well. Itemized.

I should then probably prime and seal the wall. Add primer to the paint store list.

Then, I wonder, do I have any new rollers? Must check the barn again. Yet another item.

When I get out there, check on painters tape and see if the brushes are all clean and ready.

What colors should I paint the wall? I really need to get some paint swatches first. I will need corporate approval first.

The ceiling doesn't look all that good either. Probably should paint it to while I'm at it. I'll need the tall ladder for that. It's in the barn too. Add that to the barn list.

All the switch plates have to come off. Remember to tape the screws with each one so you don't lose any like the last time. List it.

Oh yes, while in the barn, check on the lawnmower gas supply. I may need to get some for later. No sense in wasting a trip to town. I will probably need to get some oil and a filter too. Another list.

I bet the blades will need sharpened from last year. I should add that to the list.

The weed-eater will need fresh gas too. Better grab that can as well. Hmmm, I may need some two-stroke oil? Add that to the town trip list.

While I'm out in the barn, I should straighten up the workbench. Tools need put away from all the various winter projects. It really needs swept out too, but that can wait for warmer weather. One more list.

You know, I really need to get the tractor out of barn and grade the drive. It's gotten a bit rough after the winter. Add that to my list of to do's.

Of course, if she wants the living room painted, the hallway will probably need refreshing as well. I'll add more paint to the list.

I mustn’t forget to mask off the switches and outlets. I don't want to get any paint on them. One more item added to the list.

My wife has all her social group and society meetings all week. So I will have to put off moving the furniture until she's free. Check.

The television will be out of commission while I'm doing all this and there's that is special coming on next week. One more little delay won't hurt.

Sandpaper! How much was left from the last job? Will it be enough? I'll have to look in the barn again. Somewhere on the tool bench I think? I'll look while I'm cleaning it up.

I'll need some paint rags as well. I think they are in a box over on the far shelves in the barn. If not, the wife will certainly volunteer some of my old t-shirts. Mental note, must buy new t-shirts.

Wait! Wait! I can't straighten out the work bench yet! It's all covered with items taken out of that old kitchen wall unit in the barn. Mice got into it and made a terrible mess.

First, I have to remove the doors. It's too awkward to take down with them on.

Don't forget to save the screws. List again.

Take the shelf down. I might need the wife's help with that too. More delays.

Then, I'll have fix the hole in the back.

I should add some more bracing to the wall for better support? Add it to the list.

I'll need her help to re-attach it. Then, I can reload the cabinet. Then, clean off the workbench.

It is a bit chilly out there now. I bet she would be more inclined to help when it's warmer.

She could help sweep the barn out then! Not a chance.

After thinking all this through, the living room doesn't look that bad. There is an awful lot of work and running around to paint it.

Besides, if she's not going to help me sweep out the barn, why should I paint the living room? It can wait until later.

Much later.
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