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7 Heart-Shaped Scars

"How easy and fast your life can be altered even when you did everything right."
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Today is September 18, 2013, I was hit by a car around 10:15, I knew that because I had worn my pocket watch as a necklace. It was a normal day at first, I had other things on my mind this morning.

My dad woke me up to tell me that I had to cover for my older brother again, because he forgotten to do a large portion of his chores again. I relaxed in bed until 8:30, when I decided it was time for my lazy butt to get up.

I ran out of French Vanilla tea the day before, so I made myself Jasmine instead. As I sipped it, I cleaned up the dishes that was apart of my chore. All the while, listening to music on YouTube from my handy Kindle Fire.

Jojo, my adorable black cat, would rub against my legs and meow at me for my attention, as a usual part of his routine.

I had realized a little later that it was almost 9:00, and I still had to walk the dogs. The bus comes around 10:35, but this one, unlike the rest, manages to get to the stop early instead of absurdly late. In response to that I have to cut their walks short.

I take my time deciding on what to wear, there are many options for me to choose from. I checked the temperature on my phone, it was only 48 degrees at the time. I slipped on a blue and purple flared sleeve shirt over a dark purple undershirt, with regular blue jeans, and a scarf as a belt. I was considering wearing makeup, but Chewy, my Labrador, was whining for me to walk him. I did have enough time, however, to wear these lovely earrings my mom gave me.

I reached for my Ipod, and saw it needed to be charged, so I plugged it up. I walked Chewy quickly, then came back for Baby, the chihuahua. She was hiding from me as usual, I don’t know why she is always afraid of the walks, maybe it was the leash or the other dogs. Afterward I gave them their treats.

I suddenly remembered, I had to take care of my brother’s chore, and quickly I finished them up, scorning my brother for not being responsible enough.

I rushed upstairs and emptied my bag that was filled with yesterday's books, and loaded today's textbooks for acting 101 and stagecraft 101. I promised a guy in my class yesterday that he could borrow my acting 101 book, so he could plot out his lesson for the class. I also had planned on finishing some homework during the two hour wait before my first class.

I slung my purse onto my back, because I can wear it as a backpack, and ran downstairs. I snatched my Ipod off the charger, wrapped my headphones around it and stuffed it in my purse. I wasn’t sure, but there might be a law about riding a bike and having headphones in. Just to be safe, I don’t listen to music while riding.

I went out to the garage and placed my bag onto the backpack rack that came with my new bike. My parents bought me a new one, because my brother needed to use it to get to his job when he broke his. I used a bungee cord to keep my bag from sliding off and affecting my back wheel.

I checked the front tire, I meant to have aired it up yesterday, but I kept forgetting. It was still full, so I figured I would be fine.

Off I went through my community, I waved hi to those I passed by, thinking to myself, I am making great time. I left the house at 10:05.

Now there was this great shortcut my brother showed me, he comes through at times, it practically cuts the time it takes to get to the bus stop in half. There was this small sidewalk that leads directly to the back road behind the Shopright where the bus stop was located.

I looked in all directions, because I am one of those, “better safe than sorry” people, and for some reason, I found it hard to get across that road smoothly.

After I crossed that constantly busy road onto the calmer back street, I had no worries, except for one road that leads into this one. I had found all last week, at least one car was coming in quite fast, causing me to slow down for them to pass. They usually let me pass first though, and thankfully, there was no car this time.

Finally, there was this steep hill I have to climb up. Sometimes I make it in one go on the bike, other times, I get so tired, I have to walk my bike halfway up. There is also a guy I waved to in the mornings, who lives up on this hill. He rides his bike everywhere, and I have to hand it to him that is a hard thing to do.

Every day for the past four to five weeks, I took this route, and everyday I see people in cars making sure they slowed down and gave me at least four feet of road as they pass by.

It was one of those days that I had to walk my bike half way up. At the top, I checked to make sure NO ONE was coming, because I rode with the traffic, not against it. I didn’t see any cars coming, and got back up on the bike.

Starting on an upward slope was a hard thing to do, but I smoothly made my way up the rest of the hill. I was right on the flat part of the hill, and almost as if I was hit by a giant paint ball from a semiautomatic at point blank range, A silver car darted by and struck me in the hip and kidney area.

Next thing I knew, I was on the ground, I used my hands to break my fall, and when I looked back at the road, that silver car kept on going. I believe I screamed, “What the hell?!” at the guy.

A lady driving a black truck immediately pulled over and ran to my aid. Now I know if you get hit, you shouldn’t move, but when you get hit that unsuspectingly, simple knowledge like that is thrown out the window.

I felt weak in my hands and knees, my whole left side was hurting, and the only thing on my mind was that I had to get to the bus stop, or I will miss the bus. I honestly was about to pick up my bike, brush myself off, and continue on like nothing happened.

The lady stopped me, and quickly put me in the passenger seat of her truck. The guy driving the silver car had returned. He was an old man, and told the lady, as she called 911 that I was on the wrong side of the road, and that I must have swiveled my bike out too much onto the road. I had enough common sense that the first remark was indeed wrong. I even looked up the law: The driver of a vehicle must not pass any closer than three (3) feet to a bicycle or motor scooter if the bicycle is operated in a lawful manner. It is not lawful to ride against traffic. My dad says that if it wasn’t for the lady being behind him, he would have kept going, and now he was just trying to save himself, because he knows I can rightfully sue him.

Then the guy, who lived right there on the hill, and his house was right there too, came out and asked me if I was okay. He takes serious pride as an old veteran to keep that back road safe for bikers, because there is no bike lane up that hill. There is only a 3-6 inch strip of road between the white line and the grass and rocks. I always did my best to remain within that tiny space, so I don’t get hit, like I did just then.

So I called my mother, by now I was in hysterical tears, I mean, I was hit by a car! Then I sent a text to my best friend telling her what happened and to let her know I wouldn’t be in class today, it was a good thing we both had the same classes.

The police came, the first one was an undercover cop. He asked me what happened from my perspective. I told him, the best I could. He was soon replaced by another guy, he asked me two peculiar questions: where were we and what day was it? I answered them both easily. He then asked if I was dizzy or anything that would deduce that I had head trauma. I wasn’t; in fact, I was more worried about how my bike was then myself. That was my main source of transportation.

One cop briefly checked it out, and told me that I would have to replace the brakes on it. I found out later, that it was a lot worse than that. My parents assured me that the old man will pay for a new one and for my hospital costs.

Once the ambulance arrived, I was asked to sit down on the bench. The guy asked me the same questions the first guys asked and asked what hurts. At that moment it was my hip, my elbow, my wrists, and my knee. He then took my vitals, I think my blood pressure was elevated, I know my adrenaline was. I kept a good humor the whole time, laughter is the best medication.

My parents arrived, they rushed to the scene. By now the guy had me strapped down to a hard board with a neck brace, just as a precaution if my neck and spine were damaged.

My mom took pictures once she realized I was gonna be okay. My father came up into the ambulance and made the stupid jokes as usual, but because I was in such good humor I found them hilarious. Later they told me, I must have been in shock still because I was very loud.

I took a ride in the ambulance, which was awkward, I was strapped to a hard plastic board, I couldn’t move my head, so I could only have a limited view.

The guy was great to talk to, made the ride bearable. The pain in my left side nagged me more and more, even my ankle, which I didn’t notice before, became the most painful during the ride, my elbow was a minor buzz.

It was then, I believe, I thought to myself how lucky I was, but at that moment I didn’t quite grasp how much luck I had at that moment. My father took my bike home, where both my parents switched to just one car and drove to the hospital.

When I got there, unloading me from the back was another interesting, yet weird, experience. Even when they strolled me through the halls, I could have touched the ceiling if I wanted.

They took me to the pediatric section, I don’t know why though. I wasn’t a child, but it wasn’t as busy as the rest of the hospital at least.

When they transferred me to a bed in the room they had for me, I recognized one man as a fellow passenger on the last bus home. Well, he recognized me, I mean I was the only blond with absurd, yet stylish outfits. I asked him to tell the bus driver that I am fine, because there is no doubt that she would find it strange not seeing me at the bus stop.

The nurses were amazing too, they checked my vitals again, and asked all the question about my health and stuff. They were shocked that I was five foot five, and under one hundred pounds. One had me check my weight again for the weight in kilograms, well I lost weight.

The doctor did a more thorough pat down to what hurt the most. By then it was mainly my hip, my knee, and my ankle, or better yet my whole left side. He scheduled X-rays for those in case of fractures, or broken bones they couldn’t feel. He was also worried that my kidneys were affected, so far they seemed fine.

Now my parents were here and they had finally removed the board and that ridiculous neck brace. I mean they are uncomfortable as hell. I got a chance to assess myself, and oddly enough on my wrists, where I hit the rocks and grass, were 7 heart-shaped marks. one on my right hand and six on my left, so for my paranormal belief is that there are seven spirits looking out for me and one made sure I had the least amount of damage possible under the circumstance.

Even my father had a premonition of some sorts, he told me during the wait. He dreamed that he received a phone call from a coworker about my mom and an ambulance. He also told me that he had this thing happen four times before and it happened as he saw in the dreams. So fate knew this would happen, and something was looking out for me.

I was released, with a ton of major bruises, no fractures, no ruptures.So I am blessed or something, I have some sort of purpose in my life.

We then got lunch at Outback Steakhouse, I got a rib eye, and lobster tail, they treated me to whatever I wanted.

So now here I sit, writing this out for you. Now I see that my bike is completely fine, the car barely scraped the seat, so I took the hit completely. The reason they thought it was trashed was because the front tire spun around almost two times, wrapping the brake cables tightly around and locking up my tires.

If the car had hit my bike I would have been thrown, or hit the car. If the mirror missed my hip, it would have hit my handlebar and I would have spun out of control and hit the car. Either way, I would have been worst than what I currently am, or I would be dead. So I take my whole left side being in a dull pain rather than what could have been, even though the pain had now spread up to my neck, still just the left side, and I have a 100.1 fever.

Now despite knowing all that, don’t worry, because the fact I wrote this on the day of the accident, I will be fine.

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