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Miracle Stories


We Stand in Awe

We stand in awe of all these things

"We Stand in Awe" (c) Mike Stone(inspired by “A BRAVE AND STARTLING TRUTH” by Maya AngelouRaanana, February 21, 2019) The universe is not the miracle,The flaming suns are but cold-blooded thingsNor is this Earth, an uncertain platformOf shifting surfaces...

The Crash

From my non-fiction novel, 'Born on Purpose by Mistake,' comes the first chapter of a disturbing tra

EARLY SUMMER, 2013 This was simply too awesome to really comprehend. I just couldn't believe that it was finally me instead of someone else as it usually was. It had always been stories of good fortune happening to everyone else. The kind you see on TV, v...

Gidealis Enigma Chapter 51

The golden rain of revelation is only the beginning...

Chapter 51 The Golden Rain “Maybe because you all know more than I do!” I answer loudly to the child, but no one is surprised. “Thank you.” Is heard behind us. I turn around, startled, and it is Yasen, transparent, just like Verba. He addressed his “thank...


7 Heart-Shaped Scars

How easy and fast your life can be altered even when you did everything right.

Today is September 18, 2013, I was hit by a car around 10:15, I knew that because I had worn my pocket watch as a necklace. It was a normal day at first, I had other things on my mind this morning. My dad woke me up to tell me that I had to cover for my o...

The Greatest Miracle I Know

My personal testimony of healing and a life transformation.

I want to share with you a true story about a three year old boy who lived in a small farming community in Texas. Brownfield Texas comes by it’s name honestly. Brown fields are everywhere. If you have never been in a dust storm in Brownfield Texas you kno...