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A chance meeting with one that rejected me.

This memory concerns an attractive blond named Elaine. I never saw her in a dress or skirt that wasn't a mini and her feet were always clad in high heel boots and shoes. Her blouses all featured plunging necklines offering a view of her breasts and the tops of her sexy bras.

Her figure was such that whatever she wore always looked custom made as they seemed to mold themselves to every luscious curve. Her voice was soft and could give a statue an erection. I had been introduced to her shortly after I quit school by a mutual friend, and I attended about a dozen gatherings at her house.

She was always friendly toward me and greeted my arrival with a hug and a kiss, she did not do that to any of the other males in attendance. When attending these gatherings she always seemed to find a reason to sit or stand near me and we soon discovered during our conversations that we shared many similar interests.

All too soon I became a lovesick dedicated devotee. My infatuation was such that I was basically on call 24 hrs a day for anything she needed or wanted. A phone call any time of day or night would bring me running to her door.

However many months later when I finally proclaimed my love and desire for her she shot me down.

"You're nice, but you're just not my type."

Her preference it seemed was for the long and lean bad boy types. Her current interest was a guy named Jimmy. He claimed to be a biker yet had no motorcycle. In truth he was an unemployed coke head with a drinking problem and he treated her like a plaything. Yet she thought the sun rose and set at his command.

Any warnings to her about how he really was and how badly he was treating her from me or any of Elaine's other male friends were always ignored and met with anger.

"You're just jealous because you're not getting any," was her usual retort.

Warnings from her female friends were just ignored. Well I was devastated by her rejection to say the least, but I eventually got over it. Life moved on and so did I.

Fast forward ten years later. I was now a police officer and working an off-duty job at local a bingo hall. As stood there I watching the masses enter I heard someone call my full name. I turned to see this very overweight blond approaching me.

"Excuse me, do I know you?" I questioned.

"It's me silly, Elaine."

I would have never recognized her. Gone were the short skirts and dresses, they had been replaced by sweatpants. The skintight blouses with their plunging neckline had been substituted for a baggy hooded sweatshirt. Also absent were the high heel boots and shoes, she now sported flip-flops.

She stood there eyeing my shape, crisp blue uniform and spit-shined boots,

"Wow, you look great."

I thanked her and told her that I spend four days a week in the gym. Up close I could see that her blond flowing hair had not seen a good wash, rinse and cut in a long time. She wore no makeup and her skin look pasty.

I stood and listened to her attempt to summarize the last ten years of her life in a few minutes. I was saved from her lame verbal narration when they announced they were about to begin.

It was during one of the breaks that she wandered over to my post near the counting room.

"Ya know," she started, "If you're not busy after this place closes you could drop over for coffee and a chat or whatever."

She gave me a wink and a wicked smile to indicate that "whatever" meant sex. I informed her I was not busy but declined the offer.

"What's the matter, you married or somthin?" she asked with just a hint of anger.

"No, I am not married or somthin," I said, mimicking her words.

"Then what's your problem?" she countered.

"My problem is you're just not my type."

"I got older and just picked up a little weight," she added with a touch of annoyance.

I reminded her that I was at least two years older and that she hadn't picked up just a little weight.

"Screw you," she responded.

"Not on the best day that you'll ever draw breath," I answered and walked away.

At closing time I took up my post outside to ensure that all female patrons made it to their cars safely. While standing there I chatted and shared a smoke with one of the very pretty teen volunteers. As Elaine walked by she eyed us but didn't say a word.

A few minutes later her car rolled to the curb across from us and she rolled down her window and glared at me.

"Don't you think she's a little young for you, Officer?" she said sarcastically.

"You're just jealous cause you're not getting any."

She flipped us off as she drove away.

Karma does happen. It just takes its sweet old time getting here.

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