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Memories of a woman

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Published 1 year ago

Donna would tell she was in her late eighties, just not how late. She always had a smile and if she could get her hands on you, even a bigger hug.

She had fallen and I went to the hospital to check on her 

As I got to the door. I heard voices. Thinking the doctor was with her I waited 

I heard Donna's voice begin to tell one of her many stories. Her words took me in as I closed my eyes and listened.

She told of growing up poor. Not much money but lots of love. How she didn't have shoes to wear but no place to go.

She did go to school for one year but the lessons she had learned was by her parents' sides. She talked of going to the creek for water. Spending hours a day in the woods looking for food. Making soap and working a garden.

I could feel the smile in her voice as it grew softer. She told of meeting a boy.

How they were married. How he gave her news shoes and a dress one year.

They had three children. How she watched them being taken in a fire one night as he tried to save them.

Ooh, how she loved this boy. He had her heart for over sixty-five years. They both knew their time together was at an end one night as they held one another. 

She would only say she had promised to find something to smile about each day. 

Ohh pooh, I heard her say after awhile. You younger one go find smiles and leave this old woman alone. 

As I felt the tears on my cheek, I saw several leaving her room the same way. 

I knew I had found my smiles. A lesson she told many times. 

Smile and love each day. Touch a heart and let one touch yours. 

She was a treasure. One I planned to spend much time with. Just to listen to an old woman and her memories of a lifetime of smiles.



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