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Whispering, it was the age of reasoning, but who was I deceivingAlone without a prayer, a hymnal, or song to singAs I stumbled to the microwave to heat last night's coffeeOn this Monday morning before the dawn falls the dew I'd been a fool with my pr...

I loved being a child in my little house, in my little street. Growing up there was so much fun. Our back garden that seems so very small now was huge when I was a child. In the summer dad would build me a tent out of some old bedsheets. I had so man...

Brookell 6 months ago

A Life Well Lived

She sat in her chair ruminating over her life.

She smiled at many of her memories, including her childhood adventures even her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren only believed when they are very young.  Her brothers understood, since they shared those adventures, and often the three...

Brookell 10 months ago

Success Can Be Earned

He stopped to visit the old homestead.

He opened the door to his old hut. It had been years since he’d been here. He never could bring himself to sell it, even after his mother passed on. So much had happened since that one day. His name became famous throughout the land and opened so man...

“Ah, yes,” she says, taping the old photograph, “that’s my father’s shop. The awning was green and, look, you can see Bevan’s Greengrocery painted on the window. Those boxes outside were heavy but I used to stack them and arrange the display.” “When...

  Monochrome snapshot printed on canvas and lovingly framed. Frozen blink in time portraying the warmest memoryof newly blossomed passion, desires that ran free. A perfectly captured moment of heart-fluttering joywhen we were just twenty and deeply i...

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amyjayne 1 year ago

First Birthday

The first of many wonderful birthdays.

Ten forty-five they cut your cord, late evening in September. The miracle of childbirth, was a night that I'll remember.   You took a breath before you cried, a sound that gave me pleasure. I picked you up in swaddling cloth, my precious newborn trea...

I remember attic fans in the summer and radiators in the winter and if you backed into it trying to get warm, you burnt your ass. I remember linoleum floors. Stovetop percolators. Gas stoves you had to light with wooden matches. I remember glass bott...

Donna would tell she was in her late eighties, just not how late. She always had a smile and if she could get her hands on you, even a bigger hug. She had fallen and I went to the hospital to check on her  As I got to the door. I heard voices. Thinki...

Survivor 1 year ago

Love & Affection Challenge - A Bibliophile's Sonnet

Is it love, affection, or a vital need

We walked a lane in Wales one morn in MayOur eyes took note of blooms on shrubs quite near.We sniffed some sprigs near Hay on Wye that day,Each bush had scents and smells both clear and dear. A whiff was like old books on stands and racks,  Each big ...

Survivor 1 year ago

All That Matters

It's really all that matters, don't you know

"I adore you" The words were spokenheard and acceptedwith gratitude and delight Not always offered aloud in the pasteven when understood within the trust of a heart in need The adoration of a chorus of friends and lovers from lifethat passed sincerel...

AnnaMayZing 1 year ago

Remembrance Challenge: Remembrance

No-one noticed the lone, white-haired gentleman sitting on a nearby bench with sadness in his eyes.

Sunday morning, cold, damp and miserable. The dark rain-clouds which had, less than an hour previously, let fall a deluge of freezing rain upon the fields and hills surrounding the small Pennine village, were beginning to break. Their stark edges bec...