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Our Cabin!

"The sky was a burst of beautiful colours"

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I arrived late in the afternoon. Placing my bag in our room, I walked out onto the veranda. The sky was a burst of beautiful colours - oranges, pinks and purples. Oh, what a beautiful sight.

The redwood table outside was set for two with candles flickering all around. The aroma that filled the air like vanilla and raspberries smelled oh, so sweet. Hearing the clinking of glasses I turned and looked around, smiling at what I saw. You my love, were standing there in nothing but a towel, carrying two glasses of wine, and a plate of strawberries.

I watched as you walked to the table placing down what was in your hands. We stepped closer together, wrapping our arms around each other pulling each other close, as we looked in one another's eyes. Hearing a romantic ballad start playing somewhere off in the distance, we slowly started moving left and then right, swaying together with an occasional twirl.

Our lips met then my tongue slid in as my hair blew in the breeze, wrapping around us.
Our bodies pressed together, as our hands started to explore. Moving as one as our bodies entwined, moaning together in pleasure. As we melted further into our secret world where our hearts and souls blended into one.

Written by aussie_kitty77
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