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aussie_kitty77 3 weeks ago

From Darkness to Light

Faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains

She sits alone feeling cold lost and empty no one looking for her No family no friends Just darkness surrounds Sounds of distant traffic Wondering should she just pick up the knife And end her pain Tears slide down her cheek She’s...

SilverJaye 1 month ago

One, Two, Three

When you have a crush

One, two, three, When I close my eyes, it's you I see A smile that warms my heart I wish you to be my fresh start One, two, three When I'm alone, I think of thee The sweetness of your laughA future, I hope we craft One, two, threeLet us lay beneath a...

Anonymous 4 months ago

Perpetual Beauty

In those desperate moments, it takes another to see the beauty in ourselves

Gentle gazeAmazed -I seek your wisdom Your ways of thinkingI am drinking up your wondrous lightYet you sit silently bleedingIntent on believing -Your light has fadedLeft you jadedBut all I seeLooking at meIs a radiant ray of perpetual beauty  

aussie_kitty77 6 months ago

Anchor Your Life

Strong foundation’s are essential

Anchor your life?  We have all had difficult situations to deal with in our lives. Our family and home are supposed to be the place we feel safest. But what if that’s the place that makes us feel uneasy and questions who we are.  Where do we learn an...

Fluttered 11 months ago

How Can I Celebrate?

From no hope, to hope itself

The last ten years have been hard, with little to celebrate. Yet life goes on, each day, time marches on, regardless of whether it is good or ill for me. Then, I saw my future, in the shape of her.    

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Marco 1 year ago

Can’t rain forever (part 03)

Julie found something to light her days... will it last?

The next morning, he was there at ten, but I was busy with a group of tourist customers, looking for maps and history books about the city. They got me really busy for at least an hour, but in the end, I managed to sell something to every single one...

redwriter 1 year ago

Back Without Regret

Music takes him back over many years

That’s it. Breakfast dishes all cleared away. Cups neatly stacked, in the lower cupboard, Cereal bowls alongside with the plates. Now, why do I find something so menial satisfying? Oh, don’t I know the reason very well? It’s a form of security. Just...

drfeelgood 1 year ago

The Optimist

Optimism isn’t always impractical

A misfit character,  A misunderstood hero,  'All is well' was never his motto. Sadness never abstained from him.  Bitterness was a frequent flyer. The biting sting of heartbreak,  Drenched often in his pool of thought. Cynicism was obvious,  He chose...

aussie_kitty77 2 years ago

A Christmas Wish

What is yours....

A friend asked me today What did I want for Christmas? “Nothing but our continued friendship And joy for all mankind!”   But tonight, back at home After having a chance to think I still want what I said But I don’t wish for that alone.   Tonight, I w...