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The Table

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The man sat at the table and looked into space. He had sat at the same table and looked at the same lady before him for years. His lady. He looked at her and smiled and just as fast a big smile lit her face as she looked at him.

Oh how he loved her. Still after twenty five years of seeing this same woman day in and day out, he loved to look at her. She was his everything. When she smiled at him he felt the earth under him shake. He knew she was his, he knew she was the only woman that he would ever care for as deeply as he did. 

He sat and continued to stare into space. After some time Ann, his love, came and sat down and took his hand. She took his fingers and kissed them so tenderly. He loved how she did this. She took so much time and care in kissing his fingers and hands.

He remembered the first time she had taken his hand in hers. He was lost and could not remember his way. Then an angel had came and took his hand and took him back to his room. She had kissed his fingertips that day and said she would help him anytime to find his way. Sure enough, each time he was lost and confused she would come and help him.

Was she a dream? No, he didn't think so. She called him Jim Dear. Was that really his name? Jim Dear? Strange he could not remember any of his past. It hurt his head to think so he just gave into the feelings of warmth as she sat and started to talk to him once again.

He saw the pictures of a couple as they grew older together. Was that them? He didn't have the heart to ask. He knew it would hurt her if she felt he did not remember her. So he just relaxed and smiled.

Things were good. He couldn't remember anything, but he had a beautiful lady beside him and he knew they had been in love once.

From the other side of the table Ann sat and smiled at her husband. She loved this man with a passion. He was all man. A big man. Her man. He had been in a car accident a year ago and his memory was slowly coming back to him. She wondered if he remembered her. Their life together before the accident. At times he acted as if he didn't know her at all. Then just as suddenly he would smile and she would know her dear dear Jim had came back to her.

Hours had passed. The couple each in thought. Just happy to be together and content with the feelings of love between them. Each knew the feelings they had would see them back home to one another. Safely in each other's arms again.

Each had the feelings of love for each other and knew that if Jim never remember what had been they did know what was and what could be. The feelings of love were strong, very strong. That was all that mattered for now. The here and now.

Life was good. Jim Dear and his lady. Hand in hand.Smiles for only each other. Yes, life was very good.

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