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The Tumultuous Tale of a Tormented Terrier

"This is a more or less true account of what happened that day."
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The Tumultuous Tale of the Tormented Terrier

Well, let me tell you, it was like this. Once upon a time, our humble hovel was being run by the daughter-unit’s pet, a small, cute, cuddly and constantly yapping Yorkshire Terrier that answered to the name, Puh-Pet, but only if she happened to be in the mood. She loved nothing better than people-food treats and patroling the backyard. Since it was unfenced she had to be hitched to a long leash.

The local rabbits had learned the precise range of that leash and would sit just beyond it to torment poor Puh-Pet. Being a Yorkie, she was a disciple of a very extreme form of the territorial imperative. What followed would be an extended period of loud and seemingly unending barks and threats issued while she desperately strained against her leash.

Well, ain’t no dang rabbits gonna give any dog of mine, even one that weighed in at around ten pounds -- soaking wet, a hard time. To avoid additional stress to poor Puh-Pet and another visit from the Noise Abatement folks, I hatched a fiendish plan. Next time the rabbits appeared, I sneaky-like unhooked her leash.

A born sprinter, she was used to getting up to full speed only to have her head nearly torn off each time she reached the end of her rope, so to speak. This time, what saved dem dastardly wabbits was her tripping, stumbling and falling when no resistance was met. By the time she recovered, the rabbits were high-tailing it for the wooded lot next door.

Barking all the way, she followed in hot pursuit but that long leash trailing behind quickly became tangled in the underbrush and they got clean away.

That’s why, gentle reader(s?), this Tumultuous Tale of the Tormented Terrier comes complete with a notice that no bunny rabbits were injured at the time this occurred or in the writing of this story, honest.



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