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"What happens when we eat too much chicken and eggs?"
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Here I sit writing. Pardon me a moment. Something is poking me in the butt. Ouch, that hurt, as I pull a feather out of my butt cheek. I feel several other pin feathers there. I scratch my head with wonder. Why am I growing tail feathers? Am I changing and if so why?

I eat a lot of chicken and eggs. I think I developed some chicken traits lately. I scratch around looking for nothing in particular. I flap my arms, but get nowhere. I raise my face up and crow like a rooster. Now I grow feathers. What is next?

Yes, I have it. I am a chicken. I eat so much of it, I changed into a chicken. So much for that life. I must leave now and get back to chicken scratching and pecking on my keyboard.

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