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Yes, the cats play

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Published 11 months ago

I wrote this in response to a friend that was trying to extol the virtues of being a dog owner.

"Cats don't play as dogs do," he informed me.

"Yes, they do. You just have to understand the game," I respond.

Our little ragdoll female loves to play and her favorite game is "Where's the kitty."

The game starts when I go into the basement to start a load of laundry. As I'm sorting the clothes I hear a small cry and I look around.

"Where's the kitty?" I say out loud.

I hear another small cry as if in response to my query and I begin to look around. Now we have half a dozen tall shelve units that are so tall that I cannot see the top of them and they hold a variety of items.

"Where's the kitty?' I ask again and once again a short cry responds to my question.

Finally, the little ragdoll kitty stands up and reached a paw toward me and I scratch her head and ears. I turn my back on her to resume my task and once again I hear the tiny cry. I turn around and discover that she has moved and the game starts again.

Yes, the cats play. You just need to understand their game.



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