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I can hear him downstairs; he’s opening cupboards in the kitchen. Cowering down in the corner of the wardrobe, I try not to make a sound. Then I hear him. He’s coming up the stairs. “I know you’re up here, I will find you.” My heart quickened as I he...

LauraDanielle 4 years ago

The Beautiful And The Dangerous - Chapter Two

Chapter Two: The murdered house-keeper and the missing wife

The murdered housekeeper and the missing wife“So I ran your victim’s identification and cards through the system, and I found some interesting things,” said Alec, who was the resident tech genius of the Spring View Police Force. He had seen  some  ac...

CKAcres 6 years ago

Caller ID

On our day of reckoning, our alter selves will be revealed.

Many summers yes, have come and gone.Countless struggles, but still vigorous. Offerings abound, blessings numerous.67 plus years ago this old man did spawn. Like many who grew up in my day.Memories some good, some bad.Frequent challenges yes I've had...

When a new McDonalds opened up in Ronan, they put “HIRING” up on their sign, and were flooded with hundreds of applications within hours. This is probably why a factory that assembles any kind of cordless electric drill you could buy opened up in thi...

CKAcres 7 years ago

Satan's Masque

Technicolor dreams would be much nicer.

Once more a darkening viewrecaptures mentality's gaze. Bringing jumbled recollections,variegated images of the past. Jaded memories parade and flit, through a misty greying haze. Resolutions somehow evade, millions of questions asked. Detour after l...

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Anasazi- Manic Depression

How manic depression (now known as bipolar disorder) and drinking affects a young child...

***I want to add something, as an edit, because it has been brought to my attention by a friend on here that this prose-poem could be taken badly. I do not mean, at all that people with manic depression (bipolar disorder) are bad people or should be...

The_Count 8 years ago

Haunted House Part 2

More stories about the Haunted House project.

I loved that old house. When I became the project co-chairman I was given a set of keys and placed to the alarm call list because I live closer than anyone else. I would open it during the Summer to air it out, and I learned to navigate the interior...

The Ways of Religion and Belief

The greatest pain is being so different, you'd be hated...

Talk to me, You'll get to know me, You'd never know, That what I'm about to say, is true. "Don't feel like Satan, but I am to them, so I try and forget it any way I can." Neil Young. I believe in... ...happiness ...realization ...uniqueness...