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A Fathers Battle

"Only wants his boys happy and safe"
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Over the past 14 years my friend has fought firstly to see his two boys (who at the start were 5 and 2.) Now he fights to keep the youngest attending a well-regarded Private school that he solely pays for. While the boys’ mother and stepfather have repeatedly removed him and now tell him he doesn’t need to go.

The last time 2015 they removed him during his end of year exams so the youngest now has incomplete results. Also due to the fact that the mother and now step father hadn’t let anyone know or followed the school protocols about attending the office to pick him up. The school called the police and reported him as a missing child.

The boys have come back after visitation and said they have seen the step father been violent towards their mother and also them. Have seen the stepfather using drugs and talk about going out committing crimes. While the youngest is with his mother/stepfathers he isn’t allowed to contact his father however when at fathers house they have contact with him.

If that wasn’t bad enough the stepfather continuously sends threats and harassing messages to both my friend and his eldest son. This threats started coming 14 years ago and still continue to this day. You would think that he would have something more interesting to do….

IF this where you and your kids… What would you do???

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