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Threats Stories


The Secret Life of Mrs Faulkner - Chapter Two

How well can you claim to know someone?

Missing Pieces:"Mr. Faulkner," the man said. "My name is Michael Bennett, and I was your wife's lover."Tom stood there, stock still, wondering if he had heard correctly. Michael Bennett looked at Tom oddly, questioning whether he had heard at all. He clea...


Rise and Fall Ch 6

it's getting harder to breathe, it hurts deep inside. ~silent scream

Normally travelling around the city took a while, following Dia to work and back home took, at least, thirty minutes. However, some perks of being dead, it was simply easier to run through walls to get to their destination. Dawn and Light trailed slightly...


Sometimes you need to relax to allow for survival

LIFEBOAT Why is it.. that when you try the hardest... Fighting the current... Struggling to keep your head above the foam and the waves and the debris, You always end up with that bitter acrid polluted seawater in your mouth Running through your teeth.. D...

Liquid Lunch

A reporter learns a lesson about questioning a tough character.

Rupert swallowed his liquid lunch of tomato juice and noticed how difficult it was to suck the juice from the many large cubes of ice the bar man had filled his glass with. He looked over the rim of his glass at the gathering glitterati assembling for the...