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A telling off

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I got told off today. Not unusual at all, really. The little person who told me off has not long turned two, and already she is quite the character. I made the observation to one of my colleagues that she ought to be a teacher when she's older, as she's quite bossy. 

I really do enjoy the company of this child. I like all the children I teach, of course, but she and I have this rapport going, I'm her person. She's a real character, and I'm very much drawn to people like that. My friends in real life are all kind of quirky and eccentric in their own ways, as am I. I like people who aren't afraid to let their freak flags fly, basically. 

Anyway, this girl is a real sassy pants. It's always very interesting when a toddler has to have the last word about something or tries to initiate an argument over something. In a debate with a two-year-old, over something that shouldn't be a debate in the first place, no one wins. There'll never be a victor in that match. 

We had the kids inside eating lunch, and this girl's older sister, who is nearly four, was having a bit of a moment. It happens, we all have those moments, and we all have human days, and children, after all, are little humans. I give her a few chances, and on the last chance, when I explain to her that she will be leaving the kitchen if she doesn't sit nicely, her sister, who is sitting next to her, points her finger at me, and in her two-year-old, just barely being able to talk way, says, "Hey, don't you tell off my shister!"

She says more to me, but I can't quite make it out, but she is growling me. I look at the other teachers, and we're like, "Ah, did she just really tell one of us off?" We all had a bit of a laugh about it. 

Later on, that same day, once she had woken up from her sleep, I was in the art corner with another teacher. I said to the teacher, "I love the way that she says your name." Because of course, it was mispronounced slightly. I then made the observation that sometimes little miss two's older sister sometimes called me mum. "Hey," she pipped up. "You're not my mum." And her finger was going again, she was being very sassy and telling me off. Again, there was more but we couldn't make it out, it was just growly noises. 

Never a dull moment, with teaching. 


Written by LauraDanielle
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