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Over 90 days ago
New Zealand


Dead on the inside, dead on the outside, I pretend to be sophisticated but I'm garbage, a #humblebragger, caffeine enthusiast, tea drinker, vintage vixen, part-time pinup, full-time teacher, Bardot-esque, cloud watcher, nihilist in disguise, a clever girl, dinosaur expert, trendsetter, music and art lover, alcohol connoisseur, avid reader, buxom brunette, voluptuous, Aphrodite-esque, jazzy cool cat, bright young thing.

History, music, art, cooking, baking, reading. I'm into all things vintage-inspired and pinup. I love classical music, jazz, and blues.

Favorite Books
I'll read anything.

Favorite Authors
Elizabeth Chadwick, Stephen King, Oscar Wilde, Marquis de Sade, George Orwell, Anya Seton, Philippa Gregory, Sun Tsu, Louis L'amour, Robert Frost, Albert Camus, Agatha Christie, Byron, H.P Lovecraft, Virginia Woolf, Evelyn Waugh, Alison Weir, Thomas Hardy, T.S Eliot.

Favorite Movies
Anything by Quentin Tarantino. Dramas, suspense, thrillers, historical epics.

Favorite TV Shows
Not much into TV.

Favorite Music
I'll listen to just about anything.
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“Don’t wait up for me,” mom said, slamming the door behind her before she could finish her sentence, her voice muffled from the other side.I sighed and grabbed the bag of popcorn from the microwave, the corners hot on my fingers. Muttering under my breath...