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After the Rain

"For those who love the rain"
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Published 3 years ago

It’s raining outside, I can see through the living room window. 
With my eyes closed, I imagined how it would feel on my skin so cool and refreshing
making me feel clean again after it washed away all my worries and fears.

As I’m watching the rain fall hard in places and the rain pounding on the window
making everything look dreary.  I am amazed to see how gentle the rain falls on
the most fragile of flowers quenching their thirst after days of being in the hot sun.

In the far distance, I can hear the thunder.  At first it was very faint. 
Then a few minutes went by the thunder getting louder I could feel my heart beating
harder and faster each time. 

As the rain started to beat hard against the window.  I imagined enjoying feeling
the rain on my face and on my hands making my clothes stick to my body like second skin.
I put my hands to my heart it was beating so fast it was almost in tune to the thunder.

As the lightning flashed through the living room window I sat there in awe. 
For I witness the beauty of nature at her best with her very own fireworks. 

When the thunderstorm calmed down and the sun came out,
I looked up in the sky and I saw it a gift from God himself beautiful rainbow.
It has been a beautiful day.



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