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Define Magic

That's the problem with the world, too many people grow up. Walt Disney

The reason so many people do not believe in magic is that they never make the effort to find it. Even then, their idea of magic is completely wrong. When people say magic, they think of wizards and witches, figures who utilize certain kinds of magic. They picture a wand, a staff or a hooded figure chanting spells, magical items and enchantments. Never once, have these things truly been just magic. It is far more complex and yet elegantly simple, that is why we have to find it.

Children are born with the knack to find magic easily. They sense it all around them. However, they grow up. Constantly being told magic does not exist, except only in fairytales. They lose the ability to sense it. It is such a shame that there those who still hold on and look for magic, only to find themselves shunned for living in a fantasy. Told constantly to wake up and join reality. Jealous and scared adults who jade children from their dreams and beliefs because other adults jaded them when they were children.

I spent my whole life searching, wondering and looking with wide eyes. I know I don't see the world the way others do, for everyone sees the world differently. Yet the world will never be exactly as we see it. It is not just this world either. It is every world, big and small.

I wield magic too and I know some will not believe me. I have a special kind of magic unique to me. In fact, everyone who writes has a unique magic. We see worlds, galaxies, even universes. I travel to places of dreams and converse with a person or two. They tell me their adventures and when I return, I create a portal to those distant lands. Sending readers far into the unknown universe and watch the people I have met take on adversity and sorrow. They see how these people struggle, how they overcome and how they move on to the next challenge.

It is true, magic is impossible to define. It is formless and no label can fully describe it, but it branches out. It reaches across the world by being so many things physical, emotional, or otherwise. The use of magic happens in so many ways, used for good, bad and reasons in between. So to all who say nay, magic is nothing more than dreams and parlor tricks. Let me say what magic is and what it truly can be.

Yes, magic is dreams. Magic is also fantasies and fairy tales, but it is also ideas. Ideas lead to beliefs, beliefs turn to motive and motive leads to actions. I travel far to realize what I have, and what I learn on the way are lessons that I carry with me. Magic is everywhere if you learn to see and feel it, but if I could confine it to one simple word, or idea; magic is hope.
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