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The Interview of Invocation and Invitation

As if Compassion were a Storefront with a Sign that says Inquire Within or Help Wanted. Every Being is dealing with more than you know. Be Kind Always.

Peace be upon you; And also with me - -- and all within me Imagine being many A pantheon of souls A galaxy born from a stray dream An idle thought turned semen seed and grown Expanding facets of self -- blossomed to full And flowered to flesh of mind Matu...


Define Magic

That's the problem with the world, too many people grow up. Walt Disney

The reason so many people do not believe in magic is that they never make the effort to find it. Even then, their idea of magic is completely wrong. When people say magic, they think of wizards and witches, figures who utilize certain kinds of magic. They...

Little lost girl found

Inside look into a how one child copes with abuse, and finds her saving grace.

Little lost girl found. The Christmas tree fell for the second time today. What is left of the ornaments are now strewn across the floor of the living room. Most people may find this sad and upsetting, but not me. I just sit here in the mist of all the de...