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Drink of Choice

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I had perched myself on the child-sized chair in the family play area, conveniently, this was also right underneath the heat pump. It was icy cold that morning. Two girls were with me, and we were consuming pretend cups of tea and having a good ol gossip sesh. R comes in and asks to join in. The more the merrier, so she proceeds to brew some tea and put some baking in the oven. 

"Hey Laura," R says to me. 

"Yes," I answer. 

"Would you like a drink?"

"Sure," I say. 

She turns around and potters about for a bit, and then, teacup in hand she asks, "what type of alcohol do you like?"

Before I could fully comprehend what she had just asked me, and before I could stop myself I said, "All alcohol." This is an automatic response of mine, it just happens. And then I realise what R has just asked. I was in a weird state of trying not to laugh, but also shock, that a four-year-old would ask that question.

However, R is unfazed and turns around, pours some imaginary liquid into the teacup, and then says, "here you go, here's all the alcohol." 


Later on that same day, I am in the art corner, sculpting my masterpiece with the playdough with some other children. A few kids queue out of the dining area and make their way to the sleep room. I love being in the sleep room. It's dark in there, and warm, and they play soft relaxing classical music and instrumental pieces to help the kids get off to sleep. It's a nice way to just unwind after lunch, and get myself mentally prepared for the rest of the day. It may be the children's quiet area, but I take full advantage of that room and sneak in some R and R myself. 

One little boy goes into the sleep room, and not even two minutes later he's back out and looking around. 

"Eh," I say to him. "What are you doing, it's bedtime." 

"I need to go toilet," he says to me. 

"Okay," I say. 

Without missing a beat he says, "I gotta take a shit." And then he runs off to the bathroom. 

Again, I am in that weird state of trying not to laugh and being shocked. Swear words seem funnier when they're said in little three-year-old voices. 


Written by LauraDanielle
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