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Generation Stupid

"The world as I see it, through the eyes of youth."
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Lets throw rocks at the homeless man because he is useless said the young ones; with their perky tits and perfectly aligned teeth and all that crap. Lets end every sentence with a full stop, lets like do this, lets like do that, wait, lets LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE, fuck off and never use punctuation marks! Modern idiots, self proclaimed proletariats(yeah sure, honey), with their Iphones, designer cardigans to keep their caramel latte filled bodies warm, their self indulging blogs, their need to be heard, their need to abbreviate everything, with their "BRB, TTYL, LOL". The degree of lunacy in which we are traveling in reverse in the evolution of human communication, from where we started as cavemen, using rocks to write on walls, drawing pictures to express our feelings and thoughts before we moved forward, speaking the Queen's English, and for the life of me I could not fathom the idea of moving backwards and communicating with abbreviations. If sloth is a sin, then this sort of idiocy is just first class blasphemy (If you don't agree with me, then GTFO and kindly STFU).

A generation of young folks, my generation, cursed with mental psychosis, controlled by technology, greatly affected by what people on the Internet thinks of them rather than focusing on real people around them. Please fear for the future of your daughters you might have, be scared shitless they might possibly be addicted to compliments given by random men on the Internet. A clan of dirty fucking predators who's got nothing better to do but roam around and prey on the stupidity of young girls. And to be a member of this group of perverts, all you have to do is have an Internet connection and no conscience! May God have mercy on their souls!

Young punks listening to "Rococo" by The Arcade Fire, pumping their fist with angst in their hearts and frustration in their bones, totally oblivious to the fact that the lyrics to the song is about them. The problem with counterculture today is the lukewarm piss youths drink from fountains made readily available in places like schools, homes, the mall; they drink from it for breakfast, lunch and dinner and that's just simply not up to par to the tap water normal people like you and I are accustomed to drinking. They throw rocks at things they don't understand, rejecting fresh ideas before truly having some semblance of original opinion about the topic of discussion.

While they sober up, moving from one transient situation to another bridging from I-don't-really-care Avenue to It's -hip-to-care-for-(insert something birdbrained) Boulevard, they would soon realize from the momentary bliss they acquired by supporting something they don't really believe in (to fit in, to get into that semi cute chick's - who looks like she's up for it - pants or whatever fucking warped reason you might have), that it is just not worth wasting their energy and time because we all die anyway, every organism on this earth as we speak are slowly gravitating towards anti-matter. Be a soldier who acts and acts but never asks, shitting on the brains God gave you; or be, just be and not think of whoring yourself to some underground subculture as a means to escape the norm of society, forever driving the high road towards an imaginary perpetual orgasm. Everyday I pray for a romantic world where parents will be God awfully honest with their kids, looking them straight in the eye while they're at a tender age of eight and say, "Child, spread your ass crack and take a shit. The world is your toilet."

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