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Impressionism And Abstraction

Impressionism And Abstraction

Thoughts on the Christmas season

Angels are the travelers between the stars and moon looking for the perfect moment for when Heaven would descend to Earth.

The Christmas story and time begin with some sort of a journey in some form through time in each of us. As we all follow an inner pathway through the mind and those smoking mirrors of memory as well as through the soul. Following our own star, or guiding light to its final destination with the use of symbols for the mystery of the Christmas celebrations which speaks in the form of metaphors. Illustrating what has come before in order to give us; strength, hope, along with faith. While these symbols show a form of reality or to represent them in some form, and also stand for; truth, certainty, along with faith and love.

We have all looked and seen in many cases in both awe and wonder at the creations God has created for Earth’s nature, design, and beauty. With some of us carrying memories that brighten nights which become presents for our hearts, and minds which occasionally remind us of the wonders of what our childhood has seen, as well as those Christmas nights of celebration.

Angels have existed through the everlasting days and times, and have travelled on the impulse of the season’s changing times and rhymes to assist and calm our hearts. As well as defeat those demons who come forth to torment us. Through prismatic light the angels direct a focus of peace, and praise and they are our links to the pathways for our souls. Until we understand both our quest and yearnings for the answers to the questions we have as well as our eternal goals. Between Heaven and Earth, we seem to be alone and we actually aren’t. It doesn’t matter where we stand for there are nights especially during the Christmas season when the stars burn especially bright. We need to remember the true meaning of the season, and not the vision that was sold to us to believe in as an alternative.

I do believe in miracles, and possibly seen an angel cry in the form of shooting star which can be seen as tears shed on an ungrateful and selfish world. This should be a time when we should look and reflect on the good and not on the evil, and offer a prayer for those common foot soldiers as well as for their wives and children. As well as for those who are considered the lowly of birth, as well as for the salt of the earth and their back-breaking work. So, spare a thought for the rag-tag people and raise a glass for all of those whom have touched our hearts and lives in some way.

The only thing that should be asked for is a chance to have better days with everybody being forgiven, and to accept those things that can be given in the form of; faith, truth, trust, and love. For one child was born to save the world and there are more who might have a chance with a prayer said for them. With this possibly being another chance for the world to start and begin again as well as become kind and clear. With all the endless fighting finally coming to an end, and no more undone wars which rage and sting.

And I ask that you carry these words or respectfully warn you to follow this as your code in life as I pass on by: To try and stay free from all petty jealousies and live by no man’s code, and to hold your judgment(s), to yourself or be judged in kind as well as have the measure you use to be applied to you. As well as accept a person for the internal rather than the external. For every second is and can be a lifetime with every minute that passes is bringing us closer to God and we can’t turn away from the light.

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