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What's the harm in a little happiness

His picture is among a lot of images I store here on this site. His happy, furry face 'smiling' at me. One ear flipped up the way it often was. He was my Sparky boy.

Just a glimpse is enough to make my eyes moist.

What is it about the simple things that bring us such joy. The unquestioning love that our life-companions bring to us. Whether they are creatures with four legs or the actual people who also encourage and admire us. 

My today little guy, Victor, is here with me resting over on my pillow as we both listen to some cool jazz keeping us company while I browse on the computer. 

For some reason his ear will often flip up in a familiar way and I will have to reach over and caress his head as I put it down the way it should be.

When I was away on duty during my days in the national guard it was Sparky's habit to spend the whole day waiting at the front door, nose pressed to the sill, expecting my return at any moment, and tossing accusatory glances at his mistress. That sometimes lasted for days or weeks. But what complete satisfaction we both shared upon my homecomings.

Victor is similar, but not the same. It's his habit to sit in the window seat of the front bay window. Also awaiting my returns. When I get back there is a greeting ceremony on a comfy upholstered chair that is seldom used except for this purpose. Snuggling and making sure we are both fine. Then getting a special  'greenie' treat for the pup to eat before running outside for the necessary pee.

He is asleep now as his tail wags in his dreams. He must be saying hello to someone. He does love meeting people.

These thoughts are all in my mind because I have been contemplating the simple pleasures in life. And wondering why there are so many people who just love to 'pee' on our simple pleasures. Why is that? These simple delights hurt no one.

It harms no one if we tell a child that her embarrassing facial birthmark is the touch of a fairy princess when the girl was just being born. She will learn soon enough the truth. In the meantime she can feel a little pride in being special. Which she is, no matter what.

Is it bad that we may rejoice in small triumphs? Minor deeds or occurrences that bring a little joy? So often life is harsh for so many people and creatures. Why is it the case that things that give us a modicum of elation will often provoke cries of 'pride' or 'silliness' from others.

Just now Victor came over from his afghan and cuddled up with me for a few moments before going into the kitchen to get a drink of water. I could hear him lapping it up. One more cuddle, one more little pleasure.

Since I started writing seriously (and it is serious around here) I've been so happy with what I've authored. It's been a pure happiness just sharing my thoughts and dreams and a bit of inventiveness. I've never assumed or allowed myself to believe that I'm anything special in the writing department. I've simply tried to create some works that a few folks will enjoy. And, at times, it has been just a few. I've often seen others receive more attention. Not to worry. 

It's been rather the same with my efforts on the stage. I've auditioned for many plays and shows where I've not even received a call back or a minor role. Again, not to worry. I've still been able to have a great deal of pleasure with the parts I've been given. Slight but hugely pleasurable characters and challenges.  

This is not about me very much. I'm just giving examples of the simple pleasures I've had the past few years writing here and playing parts on the stage. I'm not the only person who rejoices in the uncomplicated kinds of recognition or commendation or acknowledgement one sometimes is lucky enough to receive. Nothing grand. Not great acclaim or accolades. Just a gentle nod and smile is often all one receives or really needs.  

What I'm actually wondering about here on the page is why so often one is denigrated or mocked or insulted for merely enjoying these undiluted and plain comforts. 

Unquestioning admiration is what one may get from an adoring pet. Not for grand acts but for merely existing. And we rejoice in that adoration. As the little ones will essentially rejoice in our fondness and gentle touch.  

Perhaps we might someday celebrate and relish modest triumphs without belittlement. Perhaps we might get kindness and appreciation from others and give it freely in return. Perhaps we might smile at a child and pet a dog knowing it will always be welcomed.

Let us hope that everyone might get just a glimpse of gratification and contentment from receiving simple pleasures.



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