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Mad Plans

"Preparing for mass chaos"
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Ahhhh yes. Taking a break from planning tomorrow's work day. I gotta admit it. I am a little nervous. I have had to bring in an outside company as well as employees from various departments to assist in the madness that is....Mid March. Honestly, when you've recruited gardeners to help in housekeeping, well, you know things are serious. Things are beyond me give a brief back story (haha-I may get lost).

Right. I work at a resort of sorts. I began my employment as a server and bartender about 9.5 years ago. Quickly became the Dining Room Manager. Hated it. Actually loved the work, but the.....lack of organization drove me mad. I never knew the specials or what wines were out of stock because my manager at the time, never had time. Well, pardon me for being so obsessive but selling a $200 bottle of wine that we don't fucking have is a little (lottle) embarrassing. So I saw an opening for Housekeeping Manager and jumped right into it. Mid season, some five years ago. Christ. This is my 5th season? I guess that's right.

Alright. For anyone who's been reading my little rants, you can rest assured Pill (his real name is Paul) will be here all weekend with me. Every year in March on Saturdays we have a major change over in guests. Most stay a week and that leaves us to do "quick turns"-we have from 11am-3pm to clean these units. I should mention the property is over a mile, over 200 units, and the units are actually apartments. Like up to 3000 square feet apartments. With kitchens. And bunk beds. And....ugh. So Pill, today, asks me which units are NOT quick turns tomorrow. Hang on. He is the Front Desk Manager. He is the man who checks guests in and out. The man who should know these things as it's like, pretty much his fucking JOB to know these things....but who am I to complain? I gave him the "top secret" information at lunch. He's just called me to ask again. So, that is making me feel uneasy.

The first season I endured in Housekeeping was very stressful as I had zero training. I know people always say that but honestly, I started on a Thursday, and the formal Director left that Sunday. It was a great learning experience. Here is one thing I learned....due to having a very small laundering facility, we are only capable of completing 10 quick turns a day. 12 if the units are small. We have 21 tomorrow. That is too much laundry to do in 4 hours. I'd say it impossible but my staff keeps reminding me that we always, somehow, get it done. Bless their big hearts. OF COURSE, WE WILL!! But still, the planning for this event is nearly impossible. I have no idea who will leave first. We have units of all sizes. This isn't a hotel. We don't have hallways. We have driveways. I have to stay in the office, at the core, to Direct. It is not easy, and I am thinking of planning no further.

I am thinking of drinking instead. I wonder if they have that wine in stock yet.....

Oh no! We just got paid too. Damn Pill will be so cracked out.....I wanna be Thanks for listening.


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