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The plan has always beenThat this is not part of the planStill, we stand where we standAnd I will forever hold your handBut this is not part of the planIt’s so hard to describeSo no one understandsThis cannot be plannedThis feel withstandsThrough threats...

Psycho Search

Just another tumblr

It's 3:05pm. I am looking at pictures of the top man made disasters of all time. It is depressing. The pictures, the facts, just Hurt. Morbid. How long have I been looking at this devastation? What time is it?Wait. I remember searching the circuits for am...

Drowning Pass

A step back in time, hits hard sometimes

Beyond beliefIn disrepairI found my pastAlone out thereThe wreckageI can not graspHappy memoriesFlooding fastDilapidationsAnd sinking mastsThe desolationI will not graspWhat has happened?Doesn't anyone careA piece of historyI'd hoped to shareBut it wasn't...

Love Strong

Dribbling brain things

The low unsettling beat of the drum, making me wonder, have I come undone? Again? I swear it never ends. Thank goodness I have friends whom I adore and am, as stated, grateful for. Sometimes my life is such a bore and I find myself not wanting more. Not w...

Quiet Gray

Same old song

I woke up today and realized, I am just not happy. And yes, I am sappy. Sometimes. Through all the chaos and fire-fight, my hand slipped from yours as I caught sight of the madness that night. I guess you could say part of me died the next day. The very n...

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You Are Sick?

Facebook says you are well

Oh. You are sick? Is that what the text message on my phone says at 7:20 am Sunday morning? Yes. You are far too sick to come to work today. You will call me at work after 8:00? Oh, don't bother. Just call there now and leave a message. There is really no...

Mad Plans

Preparing for mass chaos

Ahhhh yes. Taking a break from planning tomorrow's work day. I gotta admit it. I am a little nervous. I have had to bring in an outside company as well as employees from various departments to assist in the madness that is....Mid March. Honestly, when you...

Checking Out

Just another day waiting to pay

Fine Andy, I'll tell you what happened at the gas station. That's what we call them here. Convenient stores, for people like me, too lazy to walk to the back of the grocery store for milk. Convenient for those who are in a hurry. Places to be, no time to...