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Just some thoughts. Stroking my beard and all that.

Magnetism. It really is inexplicable. I seem to be drawn to the word "inexplicable". It's a good word.

Being drawn, magnetised, to someone is a funny thing. One day, you could be walking down the street minding your own affairs, like Alex Harvey sang, and then, unlike Alex Harvey sang, someone catches your eye.

It might only be momentary, but you feel drawn to that person. Then there's the Internet attraction, which. even though it has happened to me, still flummoxes me.

How is it possible to... "feel" someone when they're so far away, separated by shitloads of distance and connected only via a modem? (Side thought: Modem is a cool word. Not only is it an abbreviation, but a portmanteau! How cool is that? Oh, it means modulator/demodulator by the way. Wait... a portmanteau is a sort of abbreviation and a smooshing together of words. I like it, bugger it!)

Back to my original thought, which is the weird situation of feeling drawn to someone you meet over the Internet. I don't just mean "oh, hey, I like you, let's chat", kind of thing, but having a genuine feeling of knowing them, but without having ever met offline, and not wanting to stop talking. Sometimes it is mutual, too often it ain't. When it is mutual, it's really cool.

Here's another side thought, I'm not fond of the phrase "in real life". It implies that anything you say or do online isn't real. Well, feelings are real. Words and actions are real.

I think about it like this: You meet someone, online or not. You form a bond, whether it be a lovers bond or just a friends bond, there's something there. You're connected by this invisible thread. Sometimes when you miscommunicate or drift closer, the thread becomes a bit frayed, tarnished, but with people who are truly drawn to one another, it never breaks.

You could go weeks, or even months, quite possibly years, without talking, but as soon as you do again, the bond becomes tighter, time resolves itself, if that makes sense. It's like you never really lost touch.

Magnetism is truly great, and I'm thankful that I've felt that drawing to a lot of people, and one in particular, y'all know who.

I've tried my best to explain it, and I think I've just about managed to without mangling the concept too much. It really is inexplicable, though, because one can never fully describe it. I think that's kinda cool. Life needs some mysteries.
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