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"it's amazing what happens when God works in your life"

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We have all witnessed miracles, every day, the glory of the sunrise, the beauty of the sunset, the cleansing rain, the promise of the rainbow, the melodious song of children’s laughter, the miracle of new life. All things we take for granted and never acknowledge as a miracle from God. And I have been the same way, never giving it a second thought… until recently.

I feel and believe that I have been the recipient of the gift of God's merciful and bountiful love, I believe he performed a great miracle in my life and I have to share it with anyone who cares to take notice of it.

Late last summer, my left leg started swelling and oozing liquid from the pores in the back of my left calf, I didn’t know what was causing it but aside from a little wet spot on my slacks it wasn’t noticeable so I chose to ignore it, then a short time later the skin became compromised due to the wetness and all it took to open the leg was a minor scratch from my cat, and I had an oozing open sore that wouldn’t heal. All the time the leg kept swelling and getting bigger and heavier to move and lift, my shoes wouldn’t fit any longer and I had to resort to wearing cheap shoes that would stretch to accommodate my growing leg. I am a very stubborn person and was determined that I would heal this on my own, I used creams and bandages, and anything else I could get my hands on, all to no avail.

One night there was pain in my ankle like I hadn’t felt before, I couldn’t sleep I couldn’t walk I couldn’t do anything but sit and cry from the pain. When my stress level got to the point of breaking I cried out to God to make it stop I couldn’t take anymore. I suddenly got a call from my kid sister, she was coming to town - did I want to go for coffee. I made every excuse not to have to go out because I was in pain, but she wouldn’t take no for an answer, we sat and talked for a while and she noticed the wet spot on my slacks and recommended that I get to a doctor. Being the person that I am and being like Job in the bible I chose to ignore the sign and wait for a miracle from God. As the pressure in my leg increased with the swelling so did the pain and discomfort, soon my clothes didn’t fit right because I was so swollen, and the sleepless nights got long. I dreaded them, because now I had to take pills to help me sleep, and pills to numb the burning pain in my legs. Every time it got to be too much for me I would cry out to God to make it stop, and right away, I would get a call or a visit from my kid sister. This went on like this until close to the end of January this year.

I was no longer the person I knew, I was haggard looking, I was listless and tired, I was swollen and losing my color, my mood and general disposition was ugly and mean, I no longer had a sense of humor and I continued to swell. I dreaded leaving my apartment because it meant that when I got home I had to struggle to get up the stairs, my feet were that heavy, it was like lifting my entire body weight each time I had to lift my foot.

One night in late January, the pain was so bad, I cried out to God please no more pain take it away let me die, I can’t take it anymore. The next morning I opened my eyes, I felt very happy, I don’t know why but I did, I got up and felt actually pretty close to my normal self except for these swollen and sore legs and feet. I got showered and dressed for work, and off I went, it was going to be a good day, and it was until just before noon. I got chilled and by 1 pm I couldn’t talk on the phone without my teeth chattering and I couldn’t type anymore, because I was shivering so bad. I left work early and went home to bed, where I stayed until my alarm went off the next morning, when I got up my left leg was hot and red to just below my knee, I showered and got dressed and went to work, my leg ached all day, when I got home I checked it again and it was turning purple. I was terrified, I didn’t know what to do, I closed my eyes and asked God to help me, I told him okay I know I can’t do this on my own I need help. A few minutes later my phone rang it was my kid sister wanting to go for coffee, I was on the verge of saying no, but found myself asking her instead to come and take me to the hospital, boy did that surprise me.

She rushed into town and took me in, the Dr that examined me was very alarmed and angry, and told me I could very well lose my leg. I have severe edema, severe cellulitis and the veins in the back of my legs collapsed causing the blood to pool in my lower legs, plus I had a really bad bacterial infection in my blood stream, I was lucky to be alive. He immediately made it so I couldn’t work for the next 10 days and put me on strict bed rest with my legs elevated, I had to go daily to the hospital for I.V. therapy and wound care. Typical jackass thinking my first thought was oh my God how can I do that I can’t afford to take that much time off work, how will I make my bills at the end of the month. I asked God again for help and a calmness came over me that allowed me to think logically and I was able to arrange it all in my head so I could make it okay.

After going to the hospital daily for two weeks, it wasn’t getting any better, the wound was still open and oozing and the pain was still severe, the only thing that was changing is the infection was getting cleared up. The doctor changed my meds and made me continue with the wound care, one of the clinical nurses contacted the head nurse for Home Care and she sent one of her nurses to come and examine me to see if I was able to be helped by them. And this is where the second part of my miracle came in.

The nurse that examined me went back and talked to the head nurse, she immediately started calling me to come in and let her examine me, she thought they could help. I went in one afternoon, she did her tests and said yes they could help but the therapy would take a long time before I would see any real results. I don’t know what most people think when they hear the phrase a long time, but I was thinking months maybe even years. I felt devastated and depressed and more than just a little bit sorry for myself. But today as I sit here at my computer, and reflect on the things I have been through, I realize that God has been hard at work in my life.

The date I first saw the doctor was January 28th , I could have lost my leg and possibly my life, after 10 days of hospital treatment and 14 days of oral meds, there wasnt much improvement. I started with pressure wraps at Home Care on February 7th . Two and a half weeks later the hole in my leg had finally stopped oozing, Feb 21st the hole had closed. Now its march 19th and this morning I went to get measured for my pressure stockings.

This is not my idea of a long time, this happened quite quickly. If not for the miracle of love and intervention from God I could have lost my leg or worse - died. Every time I cried out in pain and asked for help he sent my kid sister, when I ignored his help he afflicted me with other symptoms I couldn’t ignore. Now less than two months later, my legs are better, I am able to walk almost normally again, and my health is continually improving.

I now realize how God has been working in my life and showing me his love, if not for Him I would be history I am sure.

Thank You Jesus, praise God, His love and mercy are most powerful.

I do not believe in organized religion, but I definitely believe with all my heart, soul, and every fiber in my body that God exists, and showers us all with his love every day of our lives.

Written by wildrose_girl
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