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I havent written any stories for this site...yet, but I sure do enjoy reading the ones that are here. I cant think of what to put here so will add more as it comes to mind

I have a wide variety of interests, Love to sit by the water and watch the sunrise or sunset, love a roaring campfire. Love to spend time with my Daughter and Grandkids, they are my life. I read, play on the computer, do cross stitch. Love to visit with friends and family no matter if in person or online.

Favorite Books
My favorite books are a collection novels about Kay Scarpetta, an E.M. that works with the FBI. this is followed by a collection of sci fi novels about dragon riders, love dragons.

Favorite Authors
Patricia Cornwell, Anne McCaffery just to name two of many.

Favorite Movies
Pay it forward, and almost any comedy, or "Girly" movie, dont like horror, or blood and gore movies.

Favorite Music
my all time number one favorite is country, then classic rock, then easy listening
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it's amazing what happens when God works in your life

We have all witnessed miracles, every day, the glory of the sunrise, the beauty of the sunset, the cleansing rain, the promise of the rainbow, the melodious song of children’s laughter, the miracle of new life. All things we take for granted and never ack...

Who's to blame

God help the children of the future, it doesn't look very bright

In the face of the most recent massacre in the US, the unbelievable senseless loss of such young lives, as well as the lives of the teachers trying to protect them. I have to wonder what this world is coming to, and what kind of people will inherit it. Wh...

Lost Love

questions for a former loved one

Where do you go when love diesWhat do you do when your heart criesWhere do you turn when there’s no one thereThe nights are lonely with no one to holdDays seem longer and so very coldWho do you go to when you have something to shareFriends gather round to...