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My Seven Deadly Sins

"Have I Found The Sins?"

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I finally found the one, who brings the lust out of me. Oh and he loves me, and wants me, he plans to keep me! I’m everything he wants, and he is everything I want. Our Lust burns deep for each other.

Who am I to blame, look at you. You’re gorgeous, sexy as can be! The things you do to me make me weak in the knees. I crave you, desire you, and yes of course lust after you.


I swallow you whole, taking all of you as mine. You make me this way. I’m a glutton for you. I need you the way you need me. I can’t let you go, I keep you. I consume you endlessly, taking what I know is mine. I won’t share. Oh hell no! You can’t be anyone else’s, you’re mine!

You let me, you give me that smile. That’s your sign, telling me it’s okay. I want you like a fat kid wants cake. I take you as such too. Almost like a spoiled child keeping all their toys to themselves. That’s what you do to me!


Greed? Pft, yes, I’m greedy when it comes to you. I own you, you are mine. I own you. I need you. You let me get away with this kind of act. You let me do this. I won’t share, I’ve made that clear.

If I could make hundreds, even thousands of you, I’d keep all of them too. Why? Because I’m greedy for you! Don’t look at me like that. I need you, I want you. Call me sick, call me twisted, I call it love. Haven’t you ever heard of it?


The sloth has a way of sneaking up on even the best of us. I think when you feel comfortable with someone you begin to relax, and not work as hard. That’s when sloth wiggles in, and takes his claim.

It usually starts slow. You don’t feel it at first, you won’t even know. Things change, but only subtly. You grow accustomed to it, and even think its okay. You’re wrong though. You must fight the sloth, and work, and work hard!

The sloth is one of the deadliest if you let it be. It can ruin it all, don’t let it.


Oh such a sour little thing wrath can be. Anger erupts and fights start. Wrath is where war can begin, and even end. The way wrath squirms in, mostly due to our evil little friend sloth, or even other Lusty beings.

Don’t tell me you've never felt the fight of a wrath. We all have it! You don’t fight with it, fight against it. You work with me, we fight off the evilness it can consume a million deaths and still fight on. It will never blink an eye, taking down what it can.


Everyone will desire what isn't theirs, and try to weasel their way in. It’s called Envy! I've felt it, you've felt it, everyone has! Big or small, everyone envy’s someone for something they don’t or can’t have.

I won’t let others Envy take you away from me. You’re mine, and that’s the way it is. I’ll let them be envious from a far because we are strong. You fight with me, just like wrath. We fight against it as one.


My Pride is clear, can’t you see? I’m proud to call you mine. Of all the things I possess, you are who I give the most pride in. You make me happy, you make me smile, you are mine. Isn't it clear, with all I've said, that the one thing that is so obvious is you ARE mine!

I have Lust over you, can’t you see?

I have Gluttony over you, can’t you see?

I have Greed over you, can’t you see?

I have Sloth over you, can’t you see?

I have Wrath over you, can’t you see?

I have Envy over you, can’t you see?

I have Pride over you, can’t you see?

I've made it clear, I've given the facts. You are my deadly sins.

Written by Poppet
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