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The Little Things

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It's the little things of the job that make everything worth it. All the stress of working in education, all the meetings with the big bosses, the paperwork, the endless staff meetings, professional developments, the weekend-long courses, all the after-hours work we have to put it to get work complete, that all just seems to melt away with the little moments that happen each day. Those special times when you just smile to yourself and think 'yes, this is why I do it.' It just confirms in my mind why I decided to go into this profession in the first place. I imagine a parent feels the same way; it's the little moments with children that are the most memorable. 

It's the infectious laugh of a child that fills the room and makes you laugh for no reason. It's the two little girls walking around holding hands and making friends. It's the cuddles with the warm little bodies after the two-year-olds wake up from their afternoon sleeps. It's the overheard discussions of the children as they try and communicate. It's the kisses that are blown by the children as you say goodbye at the end of the day. It's the fake screams and mock squeals as we play a pretend game of zombies. It's the way their arms are thrown up triumphantly when you first arrive at work, and they shout "Wauwa! (Laura). It's the snippets of conversations with the good looking dads. (What up). All those little moments, make all the challenging times and the difficulties, just fade away. It is the little things, that make it all count. 

Written by LauraDanielle
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