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There Was a Crooked Man

Source citations follow the text

There was a crooked man
Who ran a crooked race [1]
And with his crooked words,
Put opponents in their place

He chopped them down, one by one
’Til a single foe remained
On merit, she’d win handily,
So he painted her with disdain [2]

This shameless huckster’s style
Is totally ‘in your face’
At any time in memory,
It would have brought him great disgrace

But that isn’t how it happened,
Not in this odd campaign
His way: relentless bullying,
Name-calling [3] a constant refrain

Surprisingly he snagged the post,
But owing to immense conceit,
Could not admit (though we all knew)
‘Victory’ came through lies, [4] tricks [5] and deceit [6]

He sold snake oil by the barrel,
Promised a big, beautiful wall
Folks bought the hype, even those who know
There is no such elixir, no magic cure-all

Some were actually fooled
Their desire to believe replete
But he couldn’t fool everyone
And the vigilant shall not retreat

He has a gift for distraction,
Has perfected the strident squall
No matter how minor the issue,
Check Twitter [7] for a public brawl

He lied [8] and lied [9] and lied [10] and lied, [11]
And then he lied [12] some more
What makes you think he’ll tell the truth
When it’s you he’s gunning for?

His action plan: cheat, swindle, deflect,
Twist, turn, dodge, prevaricate
Spread fake news [13] across the land
To fuel fear, [14] despair, [15] mistrust [16] and hate [17]

Whenever he is challenged,
His spite [18] comes to the fore
That’s when his true self really shines,
Illuminating a rotten core

There was a crooked man
That fact bears no debate
And given all you’ve seen so far
Still think he’ll make our country great?


© 2017 by M.P. Witwer • All rights reserved



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* Note: PolitiFact is a Pulitzer Prize-winning website that checks the accuracy of claims by elected officials and others in American politics. The site is run by editors and reporters from the Tampa Bay Times, an independent newspaper in Florida. PolitiFact assigns a rating to each statement: True, Mostly True, Half True, Mostly False, False, or Pants on Fire, which is reserved for the most outrageous falsehoods. The lies cited in this work are from the Pants on Fire category.



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