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Things To Do Today: Mid-Week Merriment

"Life’s too short, you know? Get busy living, or get busy dying. YOLO. You get the drill..."
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To begin, a brief rant: Tuesdays are the most boring day of the week. They’re not the beginning of the week; they’re not the middle of the week. They’re as close to the weekend as Thursdays – but from the wrong side; and they’re not an if-I-get-through-this-day-I-have-two-whole-days-of-freedom day (known to some as Friday). Someone should do something about that. I recommend making Wednesday a mid-week break day, but I’m open to suggestions.

Okay, now that's out of the way...

Life’s too short, you know? No sense in sitting around being bored when it's all ticking to an inevitable end near or far away. So here’s a few things you can do right now, so you can add to that whole “life experience” thing I’ve heard so much about.

Do one thing that absolutely terrifies you. Go skydiving, dance in public, tell your long-time crush just how you feel. Or swim with sharks - literally, go cage diving with some of the most ruthless killing machines the oceans have ever seen. Just be careful, okay? And keep it legal (or at least legal-ish)...

Stay up 48 hours. Remember when you were young and you never wanted to go to bed because there was still so much to see and do? Well, guess what? That hasn’t changed! Stay up past your bedtime and be young again. Avoid long drives and heavy machinery, though.

Build a sandcastle. Get your hands dirty, or borrow a kiddie-size bucket and spade, declare yourself monarch of the beach, and build a palace suitable for your needs (if you were shrimp-sized).

Have a themed movie night. Make some popcorn. Invite some buddies over and spend a few hours reliving the highlights of Jackie Chan’s early kung fu career, checking out all of the American Pie spin-offs, or watching sheriffs bring the law to the wild wild West with their trusty six-shooters.

Sing karaoke. You’ve been practicing on your own long enough, in the shower, in the car. It’s time to show the public what it’s been missing.

Catch your own food. Go clam-digging, or fishing, or hunt down a springbok with just a sharp stick (on a game ranch, we mean) and take it home and make a meal of it. Dinner always tastes better when you’ve really earned it.

Visit a flea market. Sure, you can buy pretty much anything online. But there’s no better feeling than finding the perfect item amongst a whole lot of odd and interesting bits and pieces. And you’ve never really lived until you’ve haggled your way into a “special deal”.

Watch the sunrise. You only get a few thousand of them per lifetime, you know, and every last one is unique. Stay up late or get up early, it’ll be beautiful all the same.

Perform random acts of kindness. Help little old ladies across the street, stop to help someone change a tire, surprise the homeless guy on the corner with a home-cooked meal. You’ll be surprised how much better little acts of kindness will make you feel.

Discover 5 places you’ve never been to. Yes, it is a small world - but there’s still a whole lot more to it than you’ve explored so far. Go find out what you’ve been missing.

Get crafty. Make your own jewellery, or collages, or bags, or tie-dyed t-shirts, or macaroni art sculptures. Who knows, if they're good enough to sell, you could have a whole new business on your hands.

Do nothing. Stay at home in your pajamas all day. Order food by delivery. Watch television. Read a book. Don’t venture any further than your own garden.

And that's all we have time for. Wait, are you still here? Whatever for? Stop wasting your life on my silly words and go have some fun - that's an order!

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