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kinda fun

*More* Things To Do Today: Take That Break!

One day it’ll all be over. So drop that spreadsheet and go have an adventure!

Tuesdays, as I’ve remarked before, are kind of boring. It’s not their fault - they just happen to be situated in the most boring slot of ye olde work week. But how can we consider a day named for a god who’s so hard core that he allowed a wolf-demon to bi...

Things To Do Today: Mid-Week Merriment

Life’s too short, you know? Get busy living, or get busy dying. YOLO. You get the drill...

To begin, a brief rant: Tuesdays are the most boring day of the week. They’re not the beginning of the week; they’re not the middle of the week. They’re as close to the weekend as Thursdays – but from the wrong side; and they’re not an if-I-get-through-th...