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unblocking the writer's block

What do you do if you can't unblock writer's block?

So here I am, once again, sitting down and staring blankly at a blank screen. No ideas come to mind, my passion has gone away. So depressing in all truth, for I love writing and I am bound and determined to making something of it. Even if I have to force myself to write something completely random.

So now there's the flower I have as the image of this musing. Pretty little thing, no? We have this one flower bed that is always barren because flowers refused to thrive there, as a last resort my mom tossed wild flower seeds into it and suddenly we have five foot stalks of these flowers amongst others.

Did that help? I hope it did, but I fear it did not. I wonder if maybe I should try something more basic. The flashback wasn't enough so it seems.

What color do you suppose the flower is? Pink? Purple? A strange mixture of both? The center is close to fuchsia, but the edges of the petals are too pale though. Not to mention the bright golden yellow center, Looks almost to me like the sun, don't you agree?

I just realized I am using 2nd person. I rather use first person point of view, but I keep switching over from first person to second person, is that allowed? I am not sure, just as long as I don't use third person in this musing, that would get real messy, and I don't want that.

Back to the flower, because indeed writing about something random shall help me kick start my mind. it's such a great contrast with the green background. It just stands out, shouting, "look at me, look at me!" So adorable right? However, I can see several of you glaring at the screen thinking to yourselves, 'get on with it Rebs, it's just a damn flower!' Oh well guys! this is how my mind works sometimes!

Branching off of that I have the uncanny ability to write how I talk, which is the strange mixture of the past tense and present tense combined. Talk about a horrible combination! I mean it is the worse things in the world. I remember several accounts where someone would send a PM, complaining about my horrific lack of grammar, yes that include you too Circles, Larry.

Well I am going to finish this up, this random thing may indeed be only pointless, but it is something. Now what to write in the other stories?

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