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Why I don't write cop stories

"My reasons."

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I have been asked many times why I do not share some of the stories about my years in law enforcement, alas that I cannot do. Remember those of us in public service quickly develop a dark sense of humor to help us cope with the day by day drama we face, we rarely see people at their best. Then there is the whole language issue. While in earshot of the public and news media it is a strain to maintain a PC tone in our speech. Away from so many public ears our language takes on a whole different tone.

Now if I recalled a story and cleaned up the language, it probably would no longer be funny or interesting. Then there are the accusations of being racists, we are NOT racists. I have dealt with poor white, black, hispanic trash and had partners that covered the same race spectrum's. I have seen things that are not very pleasant, remember I fight what you fear.

What we find funny would appall most people, that's why cops are such a close knit group and outsiders are rarely invited to join. We can relate and find humor to the stories being told, because to offend one of us you would have to go some lengths. Oh there have been some humorous incidents, but they have been few and far between.

Maybe I will attempt to relate a few stories and assign the extreme content rating due to language and subject matter and see how they are received. Nothing ventured and nothing gained.



Written by The_Count
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