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You Are Sick?

"Facebook says you are well"
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Oh. You are sick? Is that what the text message on my phone says at 7:20 am Sunday morning? Yes. You are far too sick to come to work today. You will call me at work after 8:00? Oh, don't bother. Just call there now and leave a message. There is really nothing to talk about. I mean, you are just the Supervisor. I only scheduled you all weekend because I am a mean, vengeful person and the worst boss ever. I didn't schedule you because we are completely slammed busy as it is Spring Break, I only scheduled you to be mean. I work weekends because I hate my family. Finally, the truth.

Look here you little fuck, I didn't want to work on a Sunday either. My son, who's birthday is this week, went to our favorite amusement park with his father. My son is FINALLY tall enough to ride all the roller coasters! But I would much rather get up early and come to work. On a Sunday. My Mom took my daughter to Disney On Ice. I've never been to Disney On Ice. EVER. So what is my point? I am just hoping you get well soon, and no one notices you weren't here yesterday. Too late. CEO was aware at 9 am Sunday. Damn, that was fast.

Guess what? According to your constant Facebook and Instagram posts, you were well enough to go to the marina with your girlfriend and have a beer on Sunday afternoon. You took a picture AND posted it. On Facebook. And Instagram. How do you not see how dumb that is? Oh, my God. You ARE that dumb aren't you? You said you couldn't work today because your stomach is still upset. THEN posted from the beach an hour later. You have not only fucked over this entire team that you should be leading; you have posted it to rub our faces in it. I "liked" both posts, thinking you would realize the jig is up....and DDD......NOPE

You've just updated your status to "in a relationship". Now I feel nauseous.

I've decided you should take tomorrow off too. I want you to be 100% better when you come back. Boy, you accepted that offer quickly. I guess you do not need the money? Must be nice. I may give you the entire week off. I'm not sure I need you at all. NO! I am not firing you, God no! We just don't need you this week. No. None of this time off will be paid. You have already called out five times this year. Five times in under 90 days. To me, that's pretty frequent. Again, especially as a supervisor. I'm not sure you are capable of leading. Fuck. Obviously, you aren't. Well, I guess I got some things to ponder now. Thanks for listening. Or pretending to., I hate liars who don't even know they are lying. They are so dangerous! 


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