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I'm In Love With Her (Stage Version)

The Opening Scene of Steffanie's Micro Theater... in my dreams!

Steffanie's Micro Theater
Scene One: I'm In Love With Her

Characters and Costumes:

A petite, nineteen year old blonde. Dressed in a scruffy short denim skirt, black bomber jacket and black, military style boots.

A petite, nineteen year old redhead. Barefoot and dressed in a long, slightly revealing, flowing white dress. (Think classical Greek nymph.)

Steffanie's Mother
An attractive, but rather dowdily dressed woman in her late forties.

Scenery and Props:
No special background features.

The props consist of nothing more than two scenery boards, the first being large and with the simplistic impression of a life size domestic kitchen painted on it. This board is placed in the center of the stage and set well back towards the rear.

The second scenery board has cartoon like clouds painted on it. The clouds, and whatever happens in front of them, will represent Steffanie's thoughts and dreams throughout the entire production.

The clouds are placed far stage right, and set just a little way back towards the rear.

Running Time:
Scene One: Estimated 4 to 5 minutes.

Scene One: Begin


Cue soft, romantic, classical music.

The Curtains Draw Open.

Steffanie is stood center stage.

Hazel is stood stage right with the clouds, brushing her long, curly red hair in a very feminine way. She's representing Steffanie's vision of her girlfriend's loveliness.

Steffanie's mother is stood behind the large kitchen scenery board, where she is hidden from the audience.


Steffanie places her hands over her heart and turns to look lovingly at Hazel.

Dialogue (Slow delivery throughout)


I can't go on like this.

I have to tell her.

I have to stop living a lie and denying my true feelings.

It's not wrong how I feel.

I didn't plan things this way.

I'm just a girl who loves another girl,

and it's a true love,

a very caring love,

a very special love,

a very sexy love.


Steffanie turns to address the audience directly.


Steffanie: (To audience)

When I'm with Hazel everything feels so magical.

I feel so alive,

it's the only time I feel I'm being fair to myself.

I can be the girl I want to be.

I can let go and be happy,

and simply follow my heart.


Steffanie lowers her head. Pause. Steffanie raises her head.


Steffanie: (To audience)

So I have to tell her I'm in love with her.

Tell her how I want things to be from now on.

I'll tell her now,

and hope she understands.


Steffanie turns away from audience and towards the painted kitchen prop.





Steffanie's mother steps out from behind the painted kitchen prop.


Steffanie's mother:

"Yes, sweetheart."


"You know Hazel?"

Steffanie's mother:

"Your new friend?"


"She's much more than just a friend, Mum."

Steffanie's mother:

"What do you mean, Steffanie?"


"I'm in love with her."


Steffanie's mother:



"And she's in love with me."


Steffanie's mother:


Long Pause


"Say something, Mum."

Steffanie's mother:

"Stop being ridiculous, Steffanie."


Steffanie turns to address the audience.


Steffanie: (To audience)

"I knew this wouldn't be easy."

End of Dialogue


Steffanie looks sad and lowers her head.

The music slowly becomes a little louder.

Hazel floats across the stage to join her love. Hazel puts her hand under Steffanie's chin, raises her love's head and kisses her very softly on the lips.

Together they drift off stage, holding hands and looking happy.

Steffanie's mother stands shaking her head, watching the two young sweethearts departing together. She continues shaking her head, but by now has a gentle smile on her face.

Cue fading stage lights and music.

End of Scene One

steffanie xxx

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