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Survivor 3 years ago

Acing the Audition

Sorry, you didn't get the part

To: Hi Cynthia,I saw in the trade today that you are still looking for an actor to be in Carlos' play. I know you had posted auditions to be held last night but they had been sparsely attended. If you folks a...

Survivor 4 years ago

The Show Must Go On

Is this the final act

The final act.Today, on February 24th of 2017, we open another play. It's Billy Elliot the Musical. I have the role of George, and it's the biggest part I've had since I started acting in plays. This one will be the fourteenth that I've been a p...

In July there were sixteen dance work shops scheduled. I was able to attend fifteen. Actually, none were obligatory for the cast of A Chorus Line. But it was fun to take part in them and be part of it all. Each session would last for about one hou...

Auditions came and wentYou finally got a part.Now make the most of it.Small role, but it's a start. Though others think it's work,Rehearsals are great fun.You see them as free lessons,Since learning's never done. Ex...

Today is June 9th, 2015. I've gone in for my first three month checkup with my cancer surgeon. His specialty is urology, and he's also a surgeon, having worked at the Mayo Clinic. I trust he's good at what he does. Over three years ago my family d...

Put on jazz shoes, do a jazz square, it's time to start making a move. No worries now that it's over;you gotta get back in the groove. Never forget what you've been through,but never regret what you lost.Remember to sen...

It's winter and the winds do blowBut we are safe inside you know. My metal art upon the wallIs rattling and about to fall. With special hooks I make it tightSo it will stay a happy sight. It's hammered in a gleeful styl...

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DLizze 7 years ago


My first professional theater job.

It was Friday afternoon in mid-June, 1962. I had just stepped out of the shower, and was feeling considerably better for having removed a layer of cement dust and sweat when the phone rang. My mother got to it first, but held it out to me, sayi...

The_Count 8 years ago

Trod the Boards

My first time on stage

I have alway loved the acting and the stage. My first play was in kindergarten and I soon became fascinated with acting. A popular children's show here on Sunday would feature a well know community theater group that would present short plays between the...

tradford 9 years ago

The Drive-In

What we did as kids!

The Drive In By Tony Radford Some friends and I were driving by when we passed the old marquee and it spelled outright that the show that night was a flick we’d planned to see. It was ’69 and the story...