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Orphans (Intro and scene 1, act 1)

"Tell me if you guys think I should continue?"
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Published 6 years ago
Henry O'Connor: An orphan abandoned by his father Alexander O'Connor at Oakenhill's orphanage. He is paralyzed in his legs and deathly ill will cancer. He is best friends with Mickey and Lucy two other orphans.

Mickey Erickson: Slightly older than Henry. She has a rough past, being raised out on the streets before being brought to the orphanage by force. She stayed after meeting young Henry and finally found something worth living for. Also is always quite loud and tends to speak her mind even if it is inappropriate. She poses as a boy for the majority of the play.

Lucy Crocket: a young girl whose parents died from mysterious causes. She is one of the most beautiful girls around. She is a soft and gentle soul with a quiet voice and gentle movements.

Alexander O’Conner: He is the wealthy father of Henry, who he abandoned shortly after his first wife Martha died from influenza. He remarried to an older lady, Margaret who is now pregnant with his second child. He has been trying to be as kind and gentle as his dead wife, but has always put logic and knowledge over his true feelings.

Margaret O’Conner: She is constantly trying to please her husband, in fear that he doesn’t truly love her as he loved Martha. She hopes that her future child will bring his attention to her instead of his job. She is klutzy and sometimes a bit clueless, but she has good intentions.

Ben Oakenhill: He is almost always called Uncle Ben by the kids in the orphanage he runs. He is a poor man and tries his best to please everyone regardless of himself. He is adored by all the children, but is constantly frowned upon by his wife Gothel. He stomps around a lot and slouches from the constant bickering and nagging of his impossible to please wife. He is a big man that most are usually frightened of him before they get to know him.

Gothel Oakenhill: Also known as Mother Awful because her cruelty and bitterness leaves everyone else awestruck by her. She almost always yells and carries around a rolling pin just in case she has to flog a rotten child or two, she goes hunting for Mickey every day.

Jonathan Estrange: He is a shy boy who helps Lucy a lot.

Beatrix Hill: A loud mouth snitch who is out to get Mickey and Lucy for “hogging” Henry, that he never notices her being there.

Setting: Late 1800s London, England. Streets are dingy and filthy, as is the orphanage on the inside, very dark and unpleasant lighting and colors. Inside the O’Conner’s house, brighter colors and a cheerier feel as they are wealthy and can afford what others do not. Overall lots of tension.

Act 1, Scene 1

(Setting, There is a row of beds Up Stage with no sheets and thin torn quilts.

On Stage Right Lucy and Mickey are gathered with Beatrix and Jonathan as

Henry is laying in the center bed sound asleep. Ben is handing out tattered

books and toys to the children as his wife Gothel stands Stage Left with her

rolling pin in hand.)

Gothel: (shouting) Any day with those ungrateful brats, you lousy oaf!

Ben: Nothing you say, my dear... (Whispers to himself) Crazy ‘orrid bitch.

(Children giggle and snicker.)

Gothel: (Snapping at the children) What are you lot laughin at! You rotten pigs! I’ll flog you ‘til you cry out to yer mothers who abandoned you.

Ben: (In a gentle voice) Gothel, must you be so cross? They’re only youngens, don’t know ne better. (Turns to Lucy) ‘ere you go, my dear. (hands her a book.)

Lucy: (Holds it close to her) Thank you, Uncle Ben! (Walks over to Center Stage by Henry.)

(Ben finishes handing out the toys and crosses over to Stage Left dragging Gothel out with him.)

Henry: (Stirs awake at the sound of laughter and shouts) What do you have there, Lucy? Another story?

Lucy: (Turns to him and smiles) It’s the one I’ve been hoping for. Oh my mother used to read this to me all the time.

Henry: I hope you read it to me, I rather like the way you read. It it smooth and calming.

Mickey: (pulling some chunks of bread from her pocket) And has a musical tone to it too, aye? Oy, I snatched you some extra bread from this mornin’s breakfast. Mind you, I risked another floggin’ from Mother Awful, so don’t sleep in next time. My bum is already red as it tis.

Henry: (Gratefully takes the bread) Thank you, Mickey. I greatly appreciate it. Would you like some Lucy? (He holds out the small piece of bread)

Lucy: No, Henry. You eat it, you need it more than I do. (sits down on the bed next to his and opens the book)

Mickey: (sits down beside Henry and helps him lean up.) There ya go, nice ‘n comfy right?

Lucy: Once upon a time, there was a young boy who lived on a far away farm.

(As she was reading, Beatrix glares ruefully at the trio)

Beatrix: (Obnoxiously yells) What a boring story, It's always about a poor boy and a Princess and they get married at the end. (She walks over and sits on the bed.) If you ask me, you should start reading something more original, and more realistic.

Mickey: (Angered) Oy, leave Lucy alone spoiled brat. (She shoves Beatrix off the bed)

Lucy: Mickey!

Beatrix: You'll pay for that you stupid boy! Mother Awful! Mickey just shoved me down!

Mickey: (Jumping off the bed) that there's my cue to RUN!

(Lights fade as Mickey runs out stage left)

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