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Anonymous 1 year ago

Divine Descent Ch 3

If life is a game, it's obvious I'm losing.

Fatima pov Fatima it seemed had no choice in the matter as she was carried out of the trail. Why isn't she fighting back, why not scream and thrash and see if anyone would come. Except no one would come, people would rather avoid conflict and preten...

John_Doe 4 years ago


This strange feeling that I can't shake ...

This strange feeling insideIt's so hard to explainTurmoil and tormentMaking my head spinDespite my compassion and honestyTrying hard to make others feel good about themselvesI often retreat to my lonely pathetic wor...

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The wind howls And wraps around her heart It creeps and it prowls As it tears her apart She floats between reality and fantasy alike Her dreams are now just falling apart She clutches them tight Hoping the pain will soon de...

AnnaMayZing 4 years ago

The Nurses. Chapter 34

In the darkness, Maria had bumped into something floating, large and solid with a rope attached...

Mediterranean, March 1st, 1941.The little grey life raft bobbed up and down on the gentle swell. A tiny speck on the surface of the huge, blue ocean. Maria looked down at the recumbent form beside her. Despite all the...

AnnaMayZing 5 years ago

The Nurses. Chapter 27

“I didn't want to worry you by coming in unexpectedly and I do know you have a Luger!”

Berlin. January 1st, 1941.Katarina was looking forward very much to seeing her parents again, and it seemed so long ago since she had left home. There was something, though which had taken the shine away slightly and s...

I hurt in so many different waysToo many to ever speak ofAt times, the pain is too muchBut I smile with tears in my eyesAnd never say a wordI want to scream and stomp my footI feel my heart is breaki...