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meredith 6 years ago

Come on with Me

Last days of summer ritual......

Come on with me, Let's run and let's playLet's go outside, Lot's to do today. Into the woods, We can go and rompStroll down the lane, There's a puddle to stomp. Walk on the lawn, With grass tween our toesThere's the tree swing,...

Anonymous 6 years ago

Orphans (Intro and scene 1, act 1)

Tell me if you guys think I should continue?

Henry O'Connor: An orphan abandoned by his father Alexander O'Connor at Oakenhill's orphanage. He is paralyzed in his legs and deathly ill will cancer. He is best friends with Mickey and Lucy two other orphans. Mickey Erickson: Slightly older than...

I waded through pink and white sweet pea blossoms And through tall wide bladed razor grass Until I stood in the muddy water Where the weapons of our warfare grew I chose one for my worthy opponent Wi...

CKAcres 8 years ago

My Fantasy

A fools paradise or self preservation?

Cards held to my chest Who I see is who I be Off on a vision quest Running wild and free Few taken to be my guest Never fearing a decree Not damaging my nest Safely inside my fantasy...

frogprince 8 years ago

High School Hijinks

The prankster strikes again. This time he is in High School.

We all remember high school. It was filled with fond memories of friends, first loves, teachers, bullies, jocks, cheerleaders, snobs, nerds, geeks, socialites and the rest of the students. There was one group who stood out from all the rest. This group or...

courage2bfree 9 years ago

The Cruet Set

I wonder when did I stop being a child.

The Cuet Set. This winter afternoon my grandson, Rowan, asked to play with my salt and pepper cruet in the form of two people arms open to be hugged. Yes I said but be careful don’t ba...