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Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice for two

She was perplexed and in pain

she had spent a great deal of time

writing a love story to her man

and he had said nothing about it


She was waiting on the terrace

in her pretty white frilly lace dress

sure to please him when he arrived

home from work that day


Her heart was filled with fire

deep desire and passion and

he seemed oblivious to that

but she hoped things would change


She heard the door and she jumped

it was not the time for him to arrive

fear gripped her and she watched

as the door handle moved


Not knowing what to do

she hid in the closet and peered

through the slats in the door

she was shocked with what she saw


In the room was her friend

he was looking for something

and was not nice about it

things were flying off the desk


What was he looking for

and why so frantic and wild

she put her hand over her mouth

to still her from making a sound


She saw him go to her computer

and take out a memory card

he laughed and let out a holler

about finding it and left fast


He was the literal ice to her fire.

She wrote a story about him and

it was saved on that disk why

was he so interested in stealing it


She knew that he was married

maybe he did not tell her about

their secret love affair but then she

did not tell her husband either


He could put out fire fast

with his icy stare but she was

so drawn to him and didn't know why

His eyes were a heavenly light blue


So when fire and ice were

in the same room you could see

and feel the sparks fly between them

oblivious of the husband and wife 


As soon as he was gone

she was safe to come out

and deal with the aftermath

of her poem on the disk


She had not gotten out when

the door swung open and there

he stood waving the memory stick

towards her threateningly


She froze in her footsteps

unable to breathe unable to move

he strode towards her with purpose

like he had nothing to prove

What is this? He demanded

showing her the memory stick

that had all her photos and

all of her letters and the story


Soon she found her words to say

on there is a love story I wrote

just for you and me

with the ending that ends so happily


He looked at her as if to scan her mind

to find out if she was lying to him

but her eyes showed she was not

and he went out on a limb


Then show me what it's about

I care about what you do

from now on we will write together

and everything will become new




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