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Fredrock 5 years ago

The Forest Fire - Short Short

Will our hero escape the flames?

He stared in disbelief as fire consumed the world. On every side it raged, roaring through century-old trees like a blowtorch through dry straw. He watched detached, as animals scampered to and fro in terror and he realized in an offhand way that he ...

I feel the flush taking overWarm heat radiating from my cheeksNeck is on fire nowAs I feel your piercing eyes on meI need to leave nowBut I'm unable to move my feetFor your gaze is severely unnerving I can't help but stare...

CKAcres 5 years ago

Fire of Love

One's heart knows things that the mind can't understand.

Their eyes met, she recognized his soul. Giving an impious wink,she turned away. Igniting a spark, deep in his licentious spirit. Knowing that moment,they were meant to dance. An inferno of desire consumed h...

Pirate 5 years ago

Fire In The Rain

A Sonnet on the four elements. It was a requirement used in a poem contest.

Fire In The Rain Flickering torch upon windowsill In turbulent air whirls the windmill Red heats the beads of mornings kiss Electrified volt of Terra’s abyss Illuminating glass separates the elements Neither...

TheGreatValette 5 years ago

Neon Love Pt II.

She stood like an elegant tribute to the glory of China

As the taxi made its way up the winding roads of Victoria Peak, Gael wondered which house the party was going to be in. He had scoped out many of them when he first arrived, but Victoria was a long trek from Kowloon for a poor young westerner without a ca...

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TheBurningWriter 5 years ago

The Workshop

A short story meant for horror, but was too short.

The all-consuming flames wash over me and start a fire in my core. Although I burn, so does the air about. The blistering heat of the forge peels away the grimy layer of metal, but as I fold it, a new layer forms. The hammer strikes. Sparks fly. Hair igni...

lg68 6 years ago

The Phoenix

bring the heat...

The Phoenix I am the Phoenix You are the fire I want to be Your one desire Fanning the embers Of a growing flame Feelings so Intense Can't be given a name Two bodies entwined...

Anonymous 6 years ago

Wings spread wide, feathers in flight, The little finch flew through the air. He sings his song, as he flies along, To his true love, one that was rare. Her golden glory shown from above. The sun, was a lover so true. During th...

They say her eyes are a sea of blue waves. The waves crash together, The water churning like flames battle. The flames slice at the horizon, And burn the sky. Gentle destruction this is. B...