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Advance Party

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The advance party led the way, 
Found the encampment, place to stay.

Always you were one of the few
Chosen to be part of the crew.

Sent up ahead days in advance
Sought out the best place for a chance.

Recon terrain, scope out the lay.
Chose that which doesn't give away.

Bring up the 5 tons, drive in place,
Join them together, leave no space.

What is the first thing to be done?
Set up commo, that's number one.

Put up the copper poles to ground,
Set them in men, hammer and pound.

Clamber up the side of the truck,
Often you did it in the muck.

Screw the antennas to the top.
Wait you're not finished, cannot stop.

Now you must raise the bigger guys,
Those that reach far beyond the rise.

While you were putting those in place
Inside the trucks they worked apace.

Radios, tables, maps were put out.
Our commitment never in doubt.

As important as these events
Was raising up the soldiers' tents.

Making sure the men were secure,
They had enough they might endure.

Placing the water buffalo
Where all who needed it would know.

Over all the camo was placed
Hiding from the foe what he faced.

Commo established, we could rest,
Waiting now only for the test.

Over the landscape came the men
Glad you were of what you'd done then.

This was only advance you see,
Not the real thing, what was to be.

All of this is exposition,
But you were there for the mission.

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