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Avatar Nights Redux

Tags: humor

What if all you knew wasn't really true?
What if your avatar was really you?
What if at night when our screens shut down,
Our avatars come to life and play around.

Whom would Sherzahd go and find?
DirtyMartini's dirty mind?

Would Entangled_Fate seek her Jay?
Would Joker even dare to play?

Alys knows just where to go.
A broken down old man she happens to know.

Rebellious_Soul would challenge her man.
Otaku_Ninja will survive as best he can.

Authorised1960 will huff and puff.
Paulus will simply say "enough."

Will Dusty smile and tip his hat?
Will Giggles smile back and thank him for that?

Frogprince might hop around,
Finallyatpeace might even be found.

AriesDragon would an elephant ride,
While Snoop on his horse would stay in stride.

What if LadySharon were really her title?
Would she find the time for Rolandlytle?

Then there's Gypsy who is such a mystery.
And Circle_Something with his colorful history.

Maryruth would lose her stress,
And visit more with The_Enchantress.

Fuzzy is happy with his new girl,
And loves his life with Ravenpearl.

Fewniks would try to bide his time.
And beat TRacr14 to the end of the line.

CKAcres would give it a whirl,
Does he have a chance with Avrgblkgrl?

Fallingdove would fly so high,
Over Meredith's head in a midwest sky.

Then LittleMolly with her full red hair,
Would walk with Blue and all would stare.

Each night while we sleep they have fun,
And visit each other until the morning sun.
How amazing would that be?
Our avatars living through you and me?

Magic at night in a 2" square,
Hanging out with each other when we aren't there.
I know I left off so many more,
But they are all still a part of avatar lore.

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