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Be Thankful

"Consider yourself warned..."

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If I were near you,
Lying beside you,
You would have awoken to the feel of my lips on your body,
The pull of my tongue and the wanderings of my hands
Devouring you,
Me tasting the sweet saltiness that is my reward
Sparing not a drop
I would be the sun that rises to meet you.
You would flourish fully in my light.

I would have fitted myself against you perfectly,
Spread myself and wrapped my intentions around you.
There would not be a care or a worry in your world,
Only my love would surround you.
What you inhale would be me
And the heat of delight
Sparked by my juices
Would pump through your veins.
The beat of your heart
Would only be the echo of my own.

My words would be hot in your ear
And not just black letters across blank paper.
You would know instinctively just how special you are.
You would feel it in your bones
It would reform you,
Give shape to the mass of strength that is now you.
You would be the definition of man,
Having found yourself deep inside me
As god intended.
I would be the rib supporting your organs
There would be no ache.

You would go out into this world today,
Unable to think or form thoughts
That would not consist of memories of me
Loving on you.
Everything you touch would be compared to the silkiness of my skin.
Nothing you taste could sustain you
Because you would miss the seasoning that is me.
And, time would creep.
Seconds would feel like hours
As you contemplate crawling back into my arms
Only to have me ruin you for another day.

That is why you should be thankful.
Be thankful that you are there and I am here,
That fate has a wicked sense of humor.
You would be forced to survive on nothing but me.

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