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Anonymous 2 years ago

A Mate To My Soul

A poem written long ago that I share with you today. Originally written as a song.

Look, I know you are someone else’s Valentine For the rest of the year, can I imagine you are mine?  We both decided, we will try and fight i...

fuzzy1954 2 years ago

The Letter Finis

His mind goes to a sunflower field

Three times they probed the base.   They came during the darkest of the night.  Mortars falling inside, kicking up dirt and random sandbags.  The chatter of our heavy weapons returning the favor.  Pushing their first wave back.  Once then twice as we p...

fuzzy1954 2 years ago

The Letter Continues

love knows no distance

Laying under the night sky, counting stars and thinking of you. Sound of Patches, in her paddock. Dreaming of your soldier boy. You feel life is good.   Driving home from work,. passing by the protesters. Screaming how evil t...

fuzzy1954 2 years ago

The Letter

Soon my love

Just the start of another day.  Your song comes on the radio. Sly & the Family Stone. "Thank You". As you wiggle in your jeans. You think of your boy, far far away. Sitting on the corner of your bed, you read his last sentence....

One Less Day As another day wakes With you to protect Till the day you fly Into my arms Forever mine As I am yours Heart Being Soul Aphrodite Goddess of love Smiles and kisses Your sweet forehead Words gifted t...

In your sleep I shall come We will run As our arms turn to wings Fly away Fly away Two love birds our love songs play Two lover lay Heart and soul Soul and heart  In your sleep I shall come  

fuzzy1954 3 years ago


the wait continues

down by the riveryour lover waitsdreamed of youfinger in the waterripples pass thruhis soul and timewait been toldwait burns his heartas the ripples movedown by the riverthe wind whispers

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tonyal 4 years ago

Everlasting Friendship

For a spiky haired kid who took a chance on a friend

I wish you could see what you mean to meWhere we have gone and where we will beWe were two souls connected in the nightAn email that started a friendship so right Tears, laughter, and naughty things Fun times, joys, and st...

a_gabardo 5 years ago


The waiting is the soul's biggest enemy, taking all its beauty.

The horizon always looks much brighter,that is where the rainbows belong,not here near me,where all the lights are dim.It's on the horizon that you belong too,you're a bright spot so far away,that even thoug...

I wait and I wait for a message from you, Though I know that you're busy, you've got stuff to do. You might be out of sight but you're way on my mind And I try to be generous, not to think you unkind.~o~ I...

rune 7 years ago

Mucco Mucco

When you think I miss you ...

Everyday I've waited for you to call. You'll give me a ring to ... Wake me up. Make me smile. Read me a poem. Sing me a song. Tell me about your day. Watch me sleep. You'll give me a ring that says ... M...