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blue cathedral

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Published 11 years ago
His eyes were closed shut. It couldn’t be – he was so relaxed – so calm – it was so peaceful

Oh, it must have been a dream – he didn’t want to wake up. He felt light, weightless – he was floating

A floating melody sounded in the distance

Staying in one place – no need to move, he thought – he was floating

Slowly, gradually, he began to open his eyes. And he saw

A cathedral – high in the sky – surrounded by nothing but blue

It was a glorious sight – the windows were tall and beautiful

Chimes – ringing in the distance…

…as a feeling of dread overcame him – where was he? Why was he here? What brought him to this place – what was this place – it was beautiful – and simultaneously…

It was haunting…

He closed his eyes and felt himself in the air, and he began to fall – peacefully

He felt the air, the wind on his face, he heard the chimes ringing, he must be falling – but the chimes were getting closer

He heard the music – he opened his eyes – a city – made of light

He was greeted by a fanfare of glorious sunlight – the gates to the cathedral opened – he looked up – the sky

As the trumpets blew, he found himself in the air once again

…and the cathedral was gone, he was in the sky, flying, like a bird

He was floating again

The chimes were sounding, softly, all around him, three chimes at a time

He was caressed in light

He fell slowly

The chimes rang three times

Nothing, only light

and blue

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